How to get an Australia Visit Visa From Pakistan? A Complete Guide

australia visit visa from pakistan

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Are you making up your mind to visit Australia from Pakistan? Let’s get your hands on a full pack of important insights that will help you in your visit journey to Australia.

It is the call of the time to look over breathtaking places, busy streets, hospitable people, and vibrant culture of Australia. But you must know the requirements to get an Australian visit visa from Pakistan. To avoid any ambiguity, you must know about the requirements of any bank statement before applying for an Australian visit visa from Pakistan. 

If you feel yourself in a box getting no sourceful information regarding any Australian visit visa from Pakistan, then don’t worry, we have your back in this regard as well.

We have crafted a top-notch researched blog post that unwraps some significant insights related to the Australian visit visa. So, without any further ado, let’s give these a read one by one!

What are the Different Visit Visa Types of Australia?

We are going to discuss the different types of visit visas of Australia in this section so if you are in doubt about the different types of visiting visas, and which visa you are eligible for, then we have got you covered.

A temporary visa lets you stay in Australia for 3, 6, or 12 months. You can apply from inside or outside Australia. It usually takes 28 days to process Visitor Visas (for tourists and businesses). 

But you must keep in mind that it can take longer as well, so you need to apply early. We would recommend you not to book any flight until you have your visa. This is to make sure that you lose no money on tickets if your visa gets delayed, or denied.

Tourist Stream (SUBCLASS 600 VISITOR VISA)

This visa is guaranteed to those who are going to Australia to spend holidays. The people who want to go to meet their family, or friends, or any other recreational activity.

Business Visitor stream

People who are traveling to Australia for any business tour activity, need to have a business visit visa. This includes going to a conference, negotiation, or meeting.

Checklist/ Requirement to Get an Australian Visit Visa From Pakistan

This section will cover some of the checklist and requirements if you want to get an Australian visit visa from Pakistan. 

Let’s have a look over some of the key points, such as Passport, Evidence of funds, Employment 


  • The copies of your current passport must be scanned thoroughly. 
  • Your previous passport should also have scanned copies.

Family Details

Family Registration Certificate issued by the NADRA.

If you do not have a Family Registration Certificate

You need to provide Form B or explain if you are unable to obtain either document

If you are married, a Marriage Registration Certificate is issued by NADRA or Nikah Nama. You need to show it.


You need to show that you have enough finances to support your tourist stay in Australia. You would not require any additional support from someone other than yourself.

  • A bank account maintenance letter
  • Bank statements for the last three months

The above information should be endorsed/stamped by the bank.

Evidence of Assets (if held)

  • Land ownership
  • Property ownership
  • Evidence of shares/investments


If you are employed, you need to show:

  • Salary slips/ pay slips for the last three months.
  • A copy of your contract or letter from your employer – stating your position, details of your income, and length of your contract/employment.
  • You must show a letter from your current employer about the approved leaves. It should have mentioned the specified period of leaves as well. It must have clearly stated that you will resume your job after the leave or business visit.

Short Business Tour/ Visits

  • The short business tour or visit requires a letter of invitation from the business in Australia. 
  • The letter must show your purpose of staying.
  • It must have the details about your visit to Australia, the allocated time of your visit, and how the business will benefit from your visit to Australia.
  • You also need to show any additional, and supporting documents with this letter. You need to attach the financial information as well.
  • Details and supporting financial information of how your visit will be funded. 

For example: 

  • Bank statements from the business covering a period of three months
  • Details of previous contact with Australian businesses.

For example: 

  • The records of trade with Australian businesses.
  • The details of previous business-related visits from yourself or other persons representing the company on the same business matter
  • Any other supporting documentation
  • The National Tax Number (NTN) of the Federal Board of Revenue issues a certificate number that you are representing for the business in Australia. You also need to provide it.


  • One recent passport-size photo (taken in the last six months)

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How Can You Get a Visit Visa for Australia from Pakistan?

Let us break down some of the mandatory key points related to having an Australian visit visa from Pakistan.

  • Check Eligibility
  • Choose the Right Visa Type
  • Apply Online
  • Provide Required Documents
  • Health and Character Requirements:
  • Pay Fees
  • Submit Application
  • Wait for Processing
  • Receive Decision

How to Apply for a Visitor Visa in Australia from Pakistan?

You need to go to the Immigration website.

Then, you need to check the below-mentioned steps. Follow these steps in order to apply for a visitor visa to Australia from Pakistan.

  • Determine Eligibility
  • Select the Correct Visa Type
  • Gather Required Documents
  • Complete the Online Application
  • Pay the Visa Fee
  • Attend Biometrics Appointment
  • Submit Your Application

Ending Notes!

We hope that you have gained many valuable details regarding the visit visa to Australia from Pakistan in this blog post. We have tried to cover every important aspect. Apart from this, we wish you all the best in getting a visit visa to Australia from Pakistan and making your visit purposeful. 


This section will highlight some of the commonly asked queries related to the visit visa to Australia from Pakistan. We will try to cover every important aspect related to Australian visit visas. For instance the bank statement, the legality of doing work with a tourist visa, and much more. 

What is the Australian visit visa fee in Pakistan?

The Australian visit visa fee from Pakistan is AUD 190 (equivalent to PKR 36,100) 

What is the requirement of a bank statement for an Australian visit visa from Pakistan?

You need to show your bank statement from the past 3 months with a closing balance of at least AUD 5,000 per applicant.

Is it easy to have an Australian visit visa?

YES. Getting an Australian Visa is very easy. All you need is to follow the requirements and leave no stone unturned.

Can I work in Australia with a tourist visa?

  1. You can’t work legally in Australia during your visiting period in Australia. As the visit visa is provided to those who are intended to return to their homeland, and just want to go there for recreational purposes, or to meet with their family, or friends. A visit visa is not guaranteed to those who want paid employment in the country as it is considered illegal.


Do you need a sponsor for an Australian tourist visa?

You don’t need to have a sponsorship for Australia, as you are getting a visitor visa to spend your time there.