Malaysia Visa for Pakistani – Fee, Requirements, Procedure – Everything You Should Know

Malaysia Visa for Pakistani

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Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and stunning attractions. One of its remarkable features is having the world’s oldest tropical forests. For visitors from other countries, Malaysia has plenty to offer.

Be it good employment opportunities, networking facilities, a remarkable education system, or a multicultural community. This is why many Pakistanis find Malaysia a very attractive destination that unfolds many beautiful aspects. As they get attracted to the amazing factors of Malaysia, the rejection rate of Pakistani visas has been increasing for some years.

But, there is no need to be worried about it. If you send your visa application with all the needed information and updated information, you are already one step ahead of your mates.

So, let’s jump together on a journey where we will let you know about the benefits of a Malaysian visa for Pakistanis. The requirements to get a successful visa. The cost of different visas, and much more!

What are the Benefits of a Malaysian Visa as a Pakistani?

We will explore some of the benefits that a Malaysian visa has to offer to you. We will quickly view them and will try to provide you with maximum information.

Good Job Opportunities: 

Whether it comes to the engineering department, medical field, or business sector, Malaysia offers many golden opportunities. It provides equal chances for personal, and professional growth.

Remarkable Education: 

When it comes to the education sector in Malaysia, then the universities there are famous for their exceptional academic excellence. The colleges and universities cater to the diverse interests of people as well.

Multicultural Community: 

Pakistani students who want to study in Malaysia, and Pakistani people who want to work, every one of them find Malaysia a very welcoming, and diverse. They get to experience multiple cultures. It encourages the understanding of cross cultures.

Affordable Cost of Living:

If we compare Malaysia country to any of the Western countries, we would see a visible difference. Malaysia has comparatively affordable accommodation, food, and transport. That is why Pakistani people find Malaysia a very attractive destination and want to apply for a Malaysian visa.

Explore & Travel:

As Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, that is why it offers an easy gateway to explore your neighboring countries as well. You can visit your surrounding countries to spend some quality time or for business purposes as well.

Rich Cultural Heritage: 

When Pakistani nationals visit Malaysia, they feel themselves so indulged in the rich culture, and captivated by Malaysian traditions. Be it about food, places, people, or events, everything has so much to offer you.

Golden Chance of Getting a Permanent Residency: 

We all know that skilled professionals, investors, and people with many connections find their place anywhere. And countries like Malaysia, get to see many long-term and stable options. It leads to getting a permanent residency as well.

What are the Requirements to Get a Malaysian Visa?

In this section, we will focus on some important requirements that you must check if you want to get a Malaysian visa.

Valid Passport for up to Six Months: 

As a Pakistani, you need a valid passport. It must stay valid for six months after you apply for a visa.

Successful Completion and Sending of Visa Application:

When applying for a Malaysia visa for Pakistani, ensure your application is complete and accurate. It’s the first thing officials will review, so make it compelling and truthful.

Passport-Sized Photographs: 

You need to have some recent, and fresh passport-sized pictures of you with your visa application.

Sound Financial Proof: 

To stay in Malaysia, applicants may need to prove they have sufficient funds. They can use bank statements, sponsorship letters, or scholarship documents for this purpose.

Medical Examination: 

Depending on visa type and duration, applicants may require a medical exam to meet health standards.

What is the Malaysian Visa Fee for Pakistanis?

Following are the updated details of the Malaysian visa fee for Pakistanis.

  • A tourist visa costs around 20,000 PKR.
  • One year Malaysian visa, single or double entry is 26,000 PKR.
  • A work visa in Malaysia costs around 21,000 PKR to 37,000 PKR.

How to Apply for a Malaysian e-Visa as a Pakistani?

  • Malaysia has recently introduced a hassle-free method to send visa applications through an online procedure. 
  • You need to go to
  • New applicants should click “I’m New” to start. 
  • Returning applicants should click “Returning User” to access their account. 
  • An eVISA is valid for 3 months, allowing a maximum stay of 30 days per visit in Malaysia.

Is There Any Required Processing Time to Have a Malaysian Visa?


Let us tell you about the necessary processing time that a typical Malaysian visa requires to proceed. If you have provided all the required information, then normally a Malaysian visa takes 5-8 working days. However, if you submit an E visa rather than the sticker one, you are already a step ahead of others to get your visa approved.

But, if you have provided all the required information, and are still unable to get your visa approved within 508 working days, then there might be some reasons for it. It may include:

  • The updated, current, and accurate information of the candidate.
  • The workload of the Malaysian embassy or consulate.
  • Missing any additional documentation.

Closing Remarks!

We hope that you found the above-mentioned key points helpful. As we have tried each, and everything to cover in this blog post that is why we have highlighted many important aspects that you need to know.


We will explore some best and quickest insights that are relevant to the Malaysian visa as a Pakistani national. Also, we will answer some of your most-asked queries that should be answered to clear many confusions. We will highlight the cost of a Malaysian work visa, the required bank statement, the application procedure online, and much more.

So, let’s view them, and grasp significant information. 

Is a Malaysia visa open for Pakistanis?

Yes, Malaysian visas are open for Pakistanis, and Pakistani nationals can apply for any type of e-visa they are interested in.

What is the cost of a work visa for Malaysia from Pakistan?

You must have at least $1000 in your bank account if you are applying for a work visa to Malaysia from Pakistan.

Is there any minimum bank balance required for a Malaysian visa from Pakistan?

Yes, you need to have a minimum bank balance of at least PKR 300,000.

Can I apply for a Malaysia visa online from Pakistan?

Yes, the Malaysian government has initiated a hassle-free method of having a Malaysian visa through an online application known as E visa. Submit your application by visiting this website.

Choose your visa category, provide all the required information, and fill out the empty spaces with current and updated status.