Top 7 Scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey

Scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey

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Turkey offers one of the most affordable living conditions around the globe. You can easily meet your needs of economical accommodation, good quality food, drink, and top quality education system. Whether you are looking to pursue your higher studies in social sciences, or you want to continue with natural sciences, Turkey provides you with remarkable educational institutes and rigorous academic standards. Well-trained, experienced, and qualified education faculty provides adequate resources to all of the students. 

However, many academically ambitious students aren’t able to seek these valuable experiences due to financial obstacles and are left behind to study in Turkey from Pakistan and work in a like-minded, and growth-oriented mindset. 

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Let us explore some of the most availed scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey, and see how they are beneficial for international students in terms of fulfilling their needs. 

List of Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Turkey

We have jotted down a comprehensive list of scholarships in Turkey for Pakistani students covering all of the helping aspects. We will look at these one by one, and unwrap the golden opportunities these scholarships offer.

1- Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025

Turkiye scholarship is a government-funded scholarship program The Türkiye Bursali Scholarships are a government-funded scholarship program offered by the Turkish government to international students from all over the world. This program helps many excellent students worldwide to contribute to their homeland. 

Whether you want to study social sciences, arts, humanities, biological sciences, or health sciences, you are eligible to apply through Turkiye Scholarships. 

Besides these, if you want to know if these scholarships are available for Bachelor students only, then let us tell you that these are available for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD studies at public universities in Turkey.

Applicants who wish to avail of Turkey Scholarships from Pakistan must meet the specific criteria. For instance, a proficient level of English/ Turkish, a growth mindset, and a strong commitment to learning.

The selection is competitive, and the applicants are evaluated based upon their past academic performance, and personal achievements.

Students who are successful in availing Türkiye Scholarship receive a monthly stipend, health insurance, accommodation, and tuition fees covering the span of education. Besides these, they also have an opportunity to participate in social, and cultural activities organized by the respective Tukey University. 

2- Fully Funded Success Scholarship Programs 2024-2025

International students including Pakistani students who want to pursue their research fields, and are looking forward to some of the best scholarship opportunities, then they must look at the fully funded success scholarship by Turkey. 

As we know there are public universities in Turkey that offer bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. level scholarship programs to international students, and generally offer different scholarship programs to the students. 

It does not matter whether you have completed your bachelor’s in natural sciences, and now you want to continue your studies in social sciences, you will pursue your studies unless you are eligible for that particular course in some respective university. If you are looking for a fully funded Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students in 2024, you must give this a shot. When you avail this opportunity, you will be eligible to seek educational opportunities in more than 50 Turkish universities. 

Aside from a wide span of university coverage, let us tell you another amazing fact about this scholarship too. Turkey has just announced a fully funded scholarship for 2024-2025 for all international students including Pakistani students as well. They have announced that they have started recruiting students for the next semester. 

Moreover, you can continue your undergraduate, and postgraduate academic journey easily as there are thousands of fully funded scholarships available without the mandatory requirement of IELTS.

3- Yunus Emre Institute Scholarship

The Government of Turkey has announced the Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Program. It offers a valuable opportunity to remarkable applicants outside Turkey. 

This scholarship provides an opportunity for international students to pursue a full-time degree at prestigious universities in Turkey. As it welcomes thousands of students to pursue study in their homeland which is why the evaluation is competitive. The evaluation is based on the level of excellence of the candidate in the past degree, the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), and the proficiency level in the English language. 

This scholarship helps students to chalk their way on the path of becoming future leaders by acquiring enough social, and cultural practices. 

Please note that when you avail Yunus Emre Institute Scholarship, the language of instruction is Turkish only.

4- Research-Based Fully Funded Scholarship in Turkey

Students who want to pursue research-oriented academic programs are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. As it covers major aspects of an international student’s life, that is why it provides freedom to let them continue their studies without financial constraints. 

Turkey attracts many outstanding students from around the globe, which is why the Government of Turkey funds the universities and research institutes. Applicants must have a strong background and a sound research potential. 

We have chalked down a website link. Head over to this link if you are looking for a Fully funded scholarship in Turkey 2024. Fill out the application, and make sure to complete the necessary documents as well.

5- Ibn Haldun Scholarship

International students who want to pursue higher studies, such as undergraduate, graduation, or post-graduation are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Ibn Haldun Scholarship offers a valuable opportunity for students to participate in cultural, or social activities. Applications that have a strong academic performance, are proficient in English and have a good understanding of Turkish culture are more encouraged to apply for this scholarship. 

There is no application fee when you are applying for the graduate program. You can apply for a maximum of three programs if you are seeking a good opportunity under the Ibn Haldun Scholarship.

Moreover, if you are yet to graduate, and if you still want to avail this opportunity, then it is mandatory to submit your diploma certificate of graduation during registration.

6- Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University provides lots of scholarships to encourage shining students so that they can continue achieving their academic goals. These scholarships are planned to acknowledge the academic excellence of the students by providing them with financial assistance. Istanbul Technical University provides a land for international students to grow, and work wonders.

ITU offers the following scholarships:

i) Merit Scholarships

Undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from merit scholarships. Those students who have showcased remarkable performance in their academic era, and have a strong track of extracurricular activities are eligible for this scholarship. The university will provide them with monthly stipends to cope with living expenses effectively.

ii) Research Scholarships: 

Students who have engaged in research projects, academic writing, literature reviews or scientific discussions are eligible for this scholarship. The university will cover the financial responsibility of the students. For instance, lab fees, research equipment, and travel costs.

iii) Industry Scholarships: 

Different agencies, and software houses, enterprises, and organisations have partnered up with Istanbul Technical University.

International students who are continuing their studies in the relevant fields related to the sponsoring company are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

7- Gazi University Scholarship

Gazi University is one of the leading universities in Turkey, aiming to provide support to international students in undergraduate, and graduate studies. So, if you are looking for the undergraduate Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students in 2024, then you must have a look over these.

This scholarship aims to cover tuition fees, living expenses,  accommodation costs, and health insurance. As thousands of outstanding students apply for this scholarship, that is why the evaluation criteria are competitive. Applicants must have a strong academic background, showcase leadership qualities, and be actively involved in extracurricular activities. 

What Are The Requirements for the Turkey Scholarship for Pakistani Students?

As you are proceeding with your higher studies in Turkey, and want to know the basic requirements to avail of these golden scholarships, you need to tick mark the following:

  • International Test Scores/ IELTS
  • Reference Letter
  • Minimum 2.5 CGPA
  • High-School or Diploma Degree
  • University Entrance Exam

When you prepare these documents, you will submit them with your application.

Is There Any Language Barrier to Avail Turkey Scholarship From Pakistan?

The Turkish Government offers highly competitive scholarships to international students from all over the world. And if we talk about Pakistan, then there is no specific language barrier to applying for these scholarships. The only mandatory requirement is proficiency in the English language, as this language serves as a primary language for most Turkish universities. 

Pakistani students who wish to avail of Turkiye Scholarships must ensure that they have a strong command over both written and spoken English. Pakistani students should make sure that they can easily understand English lectures, actively participate in class discussions, write academic papers, and be able to communicate effectively with their professors, and classmates.

You will face a lot of challenges, and obstacles if you wish to avail these scholarships, but you are not proficient in the English Language. 

Besides these, you may face some sort of cultural, and social differences as English is the most spoken language in Turkey. It is also useful to communicate outside the academic institutes’ premises.

What Should Be Done Next?

Turkey has geared up its education game by providing top-quality education to international students. Moreover, it is becoming a popular destination for many of the students as this country would not demand to break the bank.

Turkey has a lot to offer for Pakistani students. It is a blend of unique cultures, remarkable history, top-notch education, and a fascinating land to grow businesses as well.

But, here is the catch! Getting admission to Turkey universities can be challenging. You need to tick a lot of factors, like best academic performance, high school, or diploma degree. 

For this, you need to get your hands on the right student counseling, and consultancy. So, give Paragon Education a shot, and know how they play a huge role in helping you to achieve your dreams.

Take advantage of Paragon Education, and begin your educational journey with a new thrill and well-researched opportunities. 

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