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toefl test fee in pakistan

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Getting into an internationally recognized university for higher studies can be the dream of any student. a lot of students work day and night in order to get admission to their dream University. however, in order to fulfill this difficult dream, there are several different ways that can be utilized.

TOEFL test is one of those ways that make your path to your dream University. Like all of the other countries, TOEFL Pakistan has a lot of complexities associated with it. The main questions of the students include what is TOEFL test is, the TOEFL test fee in Pakistan, the TOEFL exam fee in general, and many more.

Henceforth, we wrote this article for Pakistani students to read and no more about the TOEFL exam in Pakistan. This article covers all of the frequently asked questions by students and a lot of other points as well.

Have a read to the text written below for a clear understanding of the TOEFL test in Pakistan.

What Basically is the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a foreign language. This is a standardized academic test. it is mostly taken by the students who are applying for universities in the United States. It assesses their proficiency in English as a language to be spoken.

Even though it is conducted for the universities of the United States only, many other foreign universities also accept it.

However, despite its importance, it is not the only requirement of many universities. In addition to TOEFL, there might be a lot of other requirements for admission.

This is why it makes up a percentage of the entire admission criteria.

What is the Validity of the TOEFL Exam?

Like all of the other admission tests, TOEFL also has a defined validity. In most the cases, TOEFL exam is valid for up to two years. It means that if you clear the TOEFL test in the year 2021, it is enough for the admissions in batch 2023 and so on. 

The procedure involves taking the test as regular students. Afterward, within the next 11 days, you will be informed about your score. You can get a hard copy via mail as well as a soft copy of your results in the email.

Later on, this test will be valid for the next two years to apply in all of the universities that accept the TOEFL exam.

Can you take the TOEFL Test in Pakistan?

The question arises for Pakistani students: can you take the TOEFL exam living in Pakistan? The answer to the question is yes.

You can take part in the TOEFL exam while living in Pakistan. According to the information available right now, there are several test dates for the TOEFL exam as well as different test locations.

You can register for the TOEFL and take the test anywhere. Also, there are a lot of TOEFL test centers available in Pakistan.

You can also take the test of TOEFL iBT, which points towards the internet-based version of the same test. Hence you can choose any format of the test based upon your own convenience.

Who are the organizers of the TOEFL Exam?

When talking about the organizers of the TOEFL exam, they are ETS. ETS is an abbreviation for Educational Testing Service. It is a non-profit private organization that designs, administrates, and conducts different educational or entrance tests for various international admissions.

TOEFL exam has been proved as the trademark of Educational Testing Service. This organization is responsible for all of the procedures going on while conducting the TOEFL exam.

After successful conduction of the tests, it is also responsible for the students to reach out to the result they scored.

What is the Stability of the TOEFL Exam in Pakistan?

Even after knowing the importance of the exam for international admissions, there is still a debate about the stability of this test in Pakistan.

Considering the political state of Pakistan as well as the current global pandemic situation, the stability of the TOEFL test has reduced a lot.

There is a situation of chaos going on as the lockdown continues.

However, even in the worst situation, TOEFL exam centers have continued conducting the test and providing information related to it.

The unstable political state of the country can also be a factor of less stability of the test. But the test has been coping up with it as well.

So it is safe to say that it is quite stable compared to the situation going on and can be self-sustained. 

What is the TOEFL Pakistan fee?

The main question of many Pakistani students is about TOEFL fees. When talking about the TOEFL exam fee in Pakistan, the standard TOEFL exam fee right now is 195 US dollars.

Converting it to Pakistani rupees makes around 32,000 Pakistani rupees. 

The payment method for the fees can be different. You can visit any TOEFL test center personally and submit the fees there.

However, the main classical method is still registering online and paying the fee via credit or debit card.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods based on your own convenience.

How many Times can you Take the TOEFL exam?

When talking about the limits of attempting the TOEFL exam, it does not have any. You can go for it any time and as much as you want. In fact, it is a common practice for students to retake the exam and improve their TOEFL scores. 

However, there is still a restriction present. You cannot take the TOEFL exam within 3 days of attempting it previously. However, this limit is not that much of a boundary or anything. Besides that, you can take this exam as many times as you want.

What is the Process for the Registration for the TOEFL Test?

The registration procedure is one of the main steps of taking the TOEFL exams. This is actually the very first step and guides all the other preceding steps.

As described in the paragraph above, TOEFL registration can be of two different types; online registration and offline registration.

  • Online registration:


 It is the classical method of registration. For this purpose, you will be needing a credit or debit card. With the help of your credit or debit card, you can pay the fee online.

Later on, you have to create an account. You have to remember the credentials like passwords etc for that account.

Make sure that you remember everything because you will be needing it a lot afterward. This is how the registration procedure is completed online.

  • Offline registration:


 Another different type of the registration for TOEFL exam is offline registration. Even though this method is not the recommended one, many people consider it convenient because of the ease of the payment.

What happens in it is that you visit a TOEFL exam center personally. There are a lot of people to help you out there in creating your account.

However, you have to make sure that the person briefs you about all the steps of the procedure and you completely know the credentials in the procedure. Forgetting to do so may lead to further inconveniences in later stages.

There are tons of different videos available on YouTube that will guide you completely about both online and offline registration procedures. You can go through these videos and they will help you a lot.

Is it possible to take the TOEFL Test at Home in Pakistan?

There was an online test option available for the TOEFL test from the very beginning. It was called the internet-based test (iBT) version. However, because of the situation created after covid-19, a special version of the test was created.

This version was named the Special Home Based version of iBT.

This home-based version provides the clear answer for this question that is YES, you can take the TOEFL exam at home. However, there are a lot of concerns associated with this version. Knowing the pandemic situation is still a safe option.

However, internet connectivity issues and few other distractions at home can be reasoned behind this version failing. If you lose your internet connection in the middle of the test, you will be losing all of your scores.

These distractions, along with a lot of other concerns associated with this new version, make it a good but not recommended option. In extreme conditions, this can be good for you but we would recommend you to take the conventional test.

Where is the TOEFL test Available in Pakistan right now?

TOEFL test is available in many locations of Pakistan currently. It was almost all of the major cities of Pakistan including

  • Faisalabad
  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta


You can pick any one of them based on your current location and your convenience. Also, you can visit the official website in order to know about the locations in detail.

What is the Pattern for the TOEFL test:

The TOEFL test is a 4 hours long test consisting of four sections; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Each section has its own timeline; 20 minutes for speaking and 90 minutes for writing. Reading and listening time varies a lot but is usually 60-80 minutes and 60-90 minutes respectively.

At the end of each section, you will have to answer a few queries according to what you have discovered.

How to Prepare for TOEFL Pakistan?

This is probably the most asked question by Pakistani students. After all, this is what going to lead you to the actual goal. There are a lot of ways to prepare for the TOEFL exam in Pakistan. A few of them are going to be discussed:

  • TOEFL preparation through academies:


There are a lot of private academies available for the preparation of all sorts of entrance tests. They also offer different courses for the preparation of TOEFL.

You can enroll in different courses. Usually, the teachers of these academies are highly qualified inexperienced humans of their field. Along with academic knowledge, they also provide a lot of actual guidelines.

  • TOEFL preparation online:


There are a lot of different websites available online that conduct special TOEFL test preparation classes, mock tests, and different sessions. Most of them are almost free of cost.

So if you are unable to pay the dues of academies, you can join these websites.

There are a lot of dedicated teachers available on YouTube. They also provide a lot of insight into the topic. Most of the time, they are the students who got selected on the basis of TOEFL.

So they have a lot of fresh experience and can guide you a lot about the actual process happening.

  • The TOEFL Excellence Training System:


TOEFL exam is one of those exams which provide complete insights to its aspirants with help of clear guidance. The TOEFL Excellence Training System is one of the examples. It is not just a simple training system.

It consists of the actual test procedures, a step-by-step course that takes you through the entire test environment and guides you thoroughly. 

This method is highly recommended over all of the other options. As the name indicates, it leads you to excellence in the TOEFL exam.

On the other hand if you are planning to take IELTS, you need to read this how to prepare for IELTS.

How to find a suitable TOEFL test center for you?

When it comes to the TOEFL test center selection, it is a concern of many students. There can be a simplistic approach to this. With that approach, you can select any center that is present nearest your own location.

However, if you have the freedom from the boundaries of location, you can also select your center based on the guidelines present on the official website of ETS. These guidelines are going to help you a lot in the selection of the center according to your own taste.

So these were a few of those questions that must be answered for the convenience of the students taking the TOEFL test in Pakistan. We hope that we have covered all of the frequently asked questions in this article.

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