Top 7 UK Universities Without IELTS for Pakistani Students

UK Universities Without IELTS

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Pursuing higher level education from abroad is one of the long-held dreams of Pakistani students particularly in this era of innovation. Many Universities worldwide welcome these aspiring youth; the U.K. is a notable country. The country offers a plethora of studying abroad opportunities for Pakistani students and Pakistan is known for its huge number of students applying to U.K. Universities. 

However, due to obstacles like IELTS, students find it challenging to get there. 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardized English proficiency exam that helps determine how effectively a person can understand and communicate English. Introduced in 1980, it serves as proof of a person’s English language skills to international Universities and immigration authorities. 

But, if you are looking for a similar chance without qualifying for IELTS, you’re in the right place. Here we will be exploring some amazing Universities in the U.K. you can consider for your higher education with IELTS not being mandatory. 

Keep reading with us to know more;


1. University of Bristol

It is one of the most reputable educational institutes with a credible rank of 55th in the current year. The University offers admissions in diverse areas including Engineering, Medicine, Law, Computer Sciences, and, Biological Sciences. 

Students from different educational backgrounds belonging to Pakistan may study here without IELTS as it offers alternate exams like TOEFL or PTE. 

Also, you may submit a Certificate of Proficiency in English issued by the last institute you attended ensuring your medium of study was English. 

The place holds a vibrant and student-friendly culture, particularly for international students due to their reputability and supporting policies. Moreover, the high employment rates of Bristol graduates along with the academic excellence it provides make it an unforgettable choice for international students. 

2. University of Greenwich

An amazing aspect of this University is the University itself as UNESCO has declared its main campus, a heritage site. Though its global ranking is not always among the top ones yet it holds a considerable ranking in the top 100 Universities of England. 

There are a range of degree programs including Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, IT, and, educational studies but the University is well known for its Business studies. Located in London, the institute provides its students with the best quality education, in-demand skills, and mandatory experience in their fields. 

You may take PTE or TOEFL instead of IELTS to get admission to Greenwich. Also, Greenwich has collaborated with Oxford International Education Group facilitating aspiring candidates to take an online exam assessing their English language skills.

 If you’re seeking admissions in Business-related fields, particularly an MBA, it is a perfect choice offering reliable networking opportunities while enhancing exposure. 

3. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee offers admissions to various well-known programs including Life Sciences, Law, Art & Entertainment, Medicine, and Dentistry. Students wishing to pursue Medicine or Dentistry in the U.K. can consider it as their top priority due to the mentioned programs being the most popular ones. Another good thing about this University is the cost-friendly life here which makes it a go-to option for students with a comparatively low budget. 

With a notable national ranking of being among the top 30, Dundee has a great history of academic excellence due to its top-notch scientific research. Along with PTE or TOEFL options, it allows you to show a Higher Secondary Certificate showing a significant score in English. Further, students from Pakistan have to undergo a pre-English language learning course before the commencement of their relevant degree programs.  

4. Robert Gordon University

Located in Aberdeen, the University holds a credible name in the institutes providing outstanding education to Engineering students, particularly Mechanical engineering. Other programs being offered here include Business, Health and Social Care, Construction Management Programs, IT, Cyber Security, and more. 

Equipped with cutting-edge resources, modern labs, and simulation centers, the place speaks volumes about its academic rigor and excellence. You don’t have to worry about IELTS instead apply with TOEFL or PTE and get your English communication skills further boosted by the course the University offers to its international students. 

5. Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, which is situated in the energetic city of Birmingham, is renowned for emphasizing real-world expertise and providing a wide choice of courses. Programs in business, healthcare, and engineering are some of the most prominent. Specialized programs like electronic forensics, sound engineering and production, and fitness and sports science are among them. 

Birmingham City University warmly welcomes international students, providing a variety of support services and resources tailored to their needs. If you’re worried about meeting the English language requirements, BCU accepts alternatives like TOEFL and PTE besides IELTS. Moreover, the university offers programs designed to boost your English communication skills, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your academic journey.

6. Audencia Nantes School of Management

Audencia Business School distinguishes itself as a premier institution for business education. Particularly acclaimed for its innovative programs in business and management, Audencia offers a diverse portfolio of courses including MBA, Master in Management, Finance, Marketing, and International Business.

Boasting advanced infrastructure, the school features state-of-the-art learning labs, contemporary classrooms, and collaborative workspaces that facilitate an enriching learning experience. 

These top-tier facilities underpin the school’s commitment to academic excellence and practical training. Applicants are not limited to IELTS for proving English proficiency; Audencia also accepts TOEFL, PTE, and other recognized English tests. Furthermore, the school provides comprehensive language support services to bolster the communication skills of international students. Audencia’s blend of a vibrant, inclusive community and a strong global outlook make it another exceptional choice for aspiring business leaders.

7. London South Bank University

London South Bank University is renowned for fostering industrial connections and practical learning. Their engineering programs, for example, are well-regarded, particularly in mechanical and civil engineering.

It also provides recognized degree programs in social sciences, business, health professions, and the arts and the humanities in general. They are known for promoting creativity and entrepreneurial activity, and many of its graduates introduced prosperous firms or made substantial improvements to their areas of study.

If foreign students are worried about the English language proficiency requirements, it recognizes TOEFL and PTE as substitutes for IELTS. Along with language classes and seminars, the place offers support services to assist students become more proficient in the language. It is notable for its dedication to education, practical approach, and rigorous academic program.


Other Alternates to IELTS

Apart from PTE and TOEFL, you may acquire a certificate from your University stating you are eligible to apply for study in the U.K. Also, the mentioned test is not mandatory in case you get a letter of acceptance from the University you intend to study. Instead of IELTS, candidates may alternatively take the Secure English Language Test, which is required by UK Visas and Immigration.

Final Verdict

Considering educational opportunities in the UK without IELTS being mandatory opens up a straight way for Pakistani students to prestigious universities. Each university sets its standards for English proficiency, which could include alternative tests or specialized exams. 

Alongside securing a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a UK university, students must check specific language requirements directly with their chosen institutions. For personalized guidance on visa procedures and choosing the right course, consulting with UK study visa experts ensures a smooth transition to studying abroad.

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