Planning on Getting a Work Permit in the UK and Canada?

Planning on Getting a Work Permit in the UK and Canada?

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Are you a student in the UK who wants to earn a living? Or a businessman who wants to spread his business in Canada? Whatever the cause, you must first get a work permit in Uk and Canada.

Don’t know how to get one? Well, don’t worry because we will guide you about each step to get a work permit in the UK and Canada.

Work Permit in the UK:

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Firstly, we will discuss how to get a work permit in the UK. There are five tiers of skills in the UK. However, a tier 2 visa is the best and long-lasting one that allows you to work 24/7 without any restrictions.

If you want to apply for other tier visas, then their requirements may vary.

A work permit or a work visa allows a foreign person to work in a country. But before you can apply for the work permit, you must fulfill some requirements by the UK government.

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Point-Based Immigration:

The conditions to apply for a work permit in the UK or England require to acquire certain points (70) under the UK’s point-based immigration policy.

However, some conditions are tradeable with other requirements. This policy is the same for both work and study visas.

Distribution of Points:

50 compulsory points and 20 tradeable points are necessary to work in the UK.

Sponsored Employment offer:

Sponsorship for employment is the foundation to attain a work permit. This means that a person holding a UKBA sponsorship license should invite you or sponsor your visit to the UK.

The sponsorship license allows a person in the UK to hire skilled people from foreign countries. If you are sponsored by such a license holder, then you will get 20 points.

Skill Level:

The next requirement is for skills. This means that if you are eligible for the post you are being hired for by your sponsor, then you will get 20 points. Skill level points are considered to increase the chance of approval of your visa.

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English Language:

English is important to learn if you want to work in the UK. Especially if you want to get a work visa for Pakistani. If you have done A-levels, then there is no need, your English will already be sufficient.

However, if you have not done A-levels, then you will have to ace the basic IELT test. And if you have sufficient knowledge about the English language, you will get 10 points.

These are the basic points that you have to achieve. If you have achieved all these points, then you can apply for a work permit.

You will need a lawyer or your sponsor should arrange a lawyer that will present your points and if it is approved by the UKBA, then you will be issued the work permit.

But make sure to apply early, at least 3 months before you start working. As the issuing process can take quite some time.

Tradeable Points:

Other additional points are also included like salary-based points, occupation points designate by the MAC, and educational qualifications. But these are all tradeable points The points mentioned above are the basic and important points which you should work on.

How to Get a work permit in Canada:

Now, we will discuss getting a work permit or visa in Canada. Following steps are included to get a work visa in Canada:

Work Sponsorship:

 First of all, you must be sponsored by a Canadian employer who is willing to hire you to get a work permit. This employer can be your relative, a recruiter, or an agent.

Application for LMIA:

The employer will then apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that will assess whether there is a need for a foreign employee. They look at the potential of the person to be hired. A positive assessment means that you are eligible for the post.

The Decision of ESCD:

The Employment And Social Development Canada (ESCD) will decide whether you can be hired by the employer for the post.

After you have passed the above levels, then you are eligible to apply for a work permit. You can apply for two types of work permits.

Openwork Permits:

Openwork permits allow the employee to work for any employer, at any position, and anywhere in Canada.

Closed Work Permit:

A closed work permit is employer-specific. This means that you can only work for a specific employer, at a specific post, and a specific location.

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Duration of a Canadian work Permit:

Canadian work permits have an expiry date. The work permits are eligible for a maximum of 4 years. After 4 years have been completed, the employee will have to leave Canada for 4 years. After then, he will again be able to apply for a work permit.

If you don’t want to leave your job, then you will have to apply for a permanent residency permit to permanently stay in Canada. It gives an immigrant a permanent residency status as a Canadian citizen.


In short, if you are looking for jobs in the UK or Canada for Pakistani or any other nationality, then you should opt for the above-mentioned steps.

There are also many companies and agents, which you can pay to issue a work permit. However, we have taught you methods by which you can get jobs with a free visa in both UK and Canada.