Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan 【A Detailed Guide】

canada visit visa from pakistan

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The dream of moving to Canada is one for those who want to experience the luxurious and prosperous lifestyle that is typical of this part of the country. Now this dream can come true easily because you can apply for Canada visit visa from Pakistan.

Students, jobseekers, and tourists can find a wide range of opportunities in Canada. 

They estimated the number of applications for Canadian tourist visas each year at over five million. Thousands of people apply for the Canadian Visit visa daily, so they can explore its attractions.

A Canada tourist visa or visit visa may be needed if you want to explore the country. So the question is that can we apply Canada visit visa from Pakistan? 

Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan Requirements

There are several things to focus on before applying for a Canada visit visa from Pakistan.

A visitor visa can only be issued to a person who has a clean profile, free from criminal activities and human rights violations. Furthermore, you should be physically fit.

A strong bond between you and your home country should also be demonstrated to the officer and to show that you plan to return to your native territory after your limited stay in Canada.

Additionally, it is essential that you have enough cash to cover your living expenses while in Canada. While in Canada, you do not want to be asking for help such as social assistance.

Documentations Canada Visa Documents 


Pakistani citizens can get a Canada visa by meeting the following requirements:

An official passport: 

  • You should have original passports and any old passports that you may still possess
  • It is important that passports meet all the following requirements.
  • You should have minimum of two blank pages in your passport & the passport should be valid for a minimum of six months after traveling


  • A series of three recent colored photos two inches by two inches on white backgrounds, with 80% face coverage, on white backgrounds, and with no borders. 
  • Make sure your photograph is not older than 3 months old, scanned/stitched and was never used for any previous visa applications.

Meanwhile, you can check Canada visa processing time Pakistan to plan accordingly. 

Expert Immigration Help Is Important

The application process for a Canadian Visitor Visa may seem straightforward, yet some applicants apply without seeking any professional assistance, believing that they can accomplish the process on their own.

It is actually more likely for TRV applications to be refused if the application is not properly prepared. There are high standards for applications. Our research shows that forms not being correctly completed are the leading reason for applications being denied. 

A missed ‘dotted i’ or ‘crossed t’ can prevent someone from fulfilling their dreams. A professional immigration attorney can lead to an approval of your TRV application.

Also contact us for hassle-free online visa application for Canada from Pakistan.

Benefits of Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan

While living in Canada for a particular period of time as a visitor, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

You can explore the most popular attractions of Canada or see friends and family with a visit visa. Your chances of getting Canadian immigration may improve if you enroll yourself in short language courses. 

By accumulating enough Canadian immigration points, you may improve your chances of getting into Canada.

You’ll need connections and references to get a job and be able to apply for immigration to Canada in the future

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