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canada visa processing time pakistan

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Canada is a dream place for many Pakistanis. It is one of the best places to inhabit and it has quite populated with Pakistani people as well. Its supreme living conditions, ease of visa and travel, as well as a few other benefits, make it the dream of any Pakistani citizen. But Canada visa processing time for Pakistan is still the question that arises.

As we have discussed the benefits of living in Canada for Pakistanis, there is a lot more discussion that comes in the way. There are several complexities of living in a foreign state.

This is why we present this article to you which will explain Canada visa processing time Pakistan, types of Canada visas from Pakistan, Canada visa price in Pakistan, and many more. Have a read to the text written below.

Types of Canada Visas for Pakistani citizens:

Visa is of many times and not particularly similar in nature. As the reasons for the travel of different people vary a lot, this is why visas are further classified into many types.

Some of the types of Canada visa Pakistan are described below.

  1. Canada Visit Visa From Pakistan
  2. Canada Work Visa From Pakistan
  3. Canada Immigration Visa From Pakistan
  4. Canada Student Visa From Pakistan

Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan:

It is the type of visa that is easiest to avail. In this type of visa, the reason for traveling is to visit the relative living inside Canada. This is one of the most common visa types. The allowed time spent for the purpose of visiting is around six months.

Canada visit visa from Pakistan: blog Paragon Education Consultants

When we talk about visit visas to Canada from Pakistan processing time, it involves a lot of factors. The most prominent factors are the types of visit, whom you are visiting, the place you are visiting from, and many more.

The recent covid outbreak has affected the visa period to a great extent. However, a regular visit during the pandemic can take 338 days (almost a year!)

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Canada Work Visa from Pakistan:

As the name indicates, this visa is for the purpose of work. It might be related to business or a job, basically intended for work-related trips. It varies from time to time and of course the nature of work.

In Canada, they treat the job and the business visit separately.

The processing time for this type of visa was also got affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Considering the nature of the visa, it usually takes around 17 weeks for the processing.

However, as described above, different problems can be caused because of the situation of global pandemic going on. And these problems will indirectly create a great impact on Canada work visa processing time in Pakistan.

Immigration Visa from Pakistan to Canada:

Canada consists of a major population of Pakistani dual nationalists living inside it. Comparing to many other countries, a Canadian residency visa is quite easy to get for Pakistani citizens.

However, it requires some genuine reason of migration, a well-spent considerable amount of time in Canada, in the possibilities of maintaining the lifestyle accordingly.

Talking about the process of that type of visa includes quite a lot of time. Considering the regular pandemic days, it can take a whole year or even longer for this type of visa to be processed.

However, it gives you Independence day call yourself a Canadian citizen and not worry about expiring issues of the visa.

Canada Student Visa for Pakistani Students:

This applies to the students who are pursuing their education in Canada from Pakistan. It is quite easier to avail. It is usually for a short span of time.

That time span depends on the course you have enrolled in or are expecting to be.

Talking about the processing time, it is one of the quickest ones to finish. The exact time ranges around 12 weeks.

This is why the students should apply for this type of visa as early as possible so they would not miss any bid of their studies. 

Nonetheless, UK also proves to be a great option. Therefore, check this article study in UK for Pakistani students

Student Visa Extension Processing:

Meanwhile, the process of student visa go on, there might be a need for an extension in student visa. This might be because of a failure in any subject, a delay in the research, or some other official University purpose.

This extension can cause a need for different visa types.

As the visa is on short notice, it really takes the least of all the visa processing times. It needs around 33 days to be completed, even in a pandemic situation. 

Canada Visa fee form Pakistan Citizens:

Now we are going to discuss the Canada visa price in Pakistan. As we have described the different types of visas, this also implies the prices of different visas from Pakistan to Canada.

Here all of those prices are going to be discussed.

Canada Visit Visa fee from Pakistan:

As described that it is the most common type of visa. Canada Visit visa fee from Pakistan. These costs around 185 Canadian Dollars for a single person. This makes around 38,000 (current rate as of OCT 2023) when converted to Pakistani rupees.

Canada Work Permit Visa fee From Pakistan:

This type of visa costs a little bit more than a visit visa. It sums up to around 155 Canadian dollars, which makes 32,000 (current rate as of OCT 2023) Pakistani rupees upon conversion.

Canada Student Visa fee from Pakistan:

The cost that this visa requires is 150 Canadian dollars. In Pakistani rupees, it is around 31,000 Pkr.(current rate as of OCT 2023) All the scholarship or non-scholarship students have to pay this essential fee. 

Student Extension Visa Fee:

The student extension fee is usually included inside the student visa fee. This is why extensions do not require extra charges and can be considered to be free.

So this was the discussion about all of the procedures going on after applying for the Canadian Visa from Pakistan. We have successfully covered the processing times for different types of visas as well as the required changes that are essential to pay. We hope that you found the answer you were looking for. visit us

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