MBBS In Canada For Pakistani Students 【Complete Guide】

mbbs in Canada for Pakistani students

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Canada has a very advanced health care system, research, economy, and most of all, education. That is why many Pakistani students apply for MBBS in Canada. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will guide you step by step about how you can do your MBBS in Canada for Pakistani students:

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MBBS in Canada:

In Canada, a different term is used instead of MBBS. It is called MD or “Doctor in Medicine.” There are precisely eight universities in Canada that offer MBBS to Pakistani or any other foreign students.

The MBBS or MD education in Canada ranges from 3-5 years duration.

Eligibility Requirements for Canadian Universities:

Although, there are different requirements of different universities for MBBS in Canada for Pakistani students. However, most of them require the same basic things mentioned below:

  • The first thing that they will ask of you is a Bachelors’s degree. Unlike Pakistan, where you directly enroll in MBBS, Canadian admission requires a Bachelors’s degree for enrollment in MBBS.
  • But this degree cannot be of English, Maths or Arts. You have to have a Bachelors’s degree in Biology or its sub-departments like biotechnology,  genetic engineering, etc.
  • Moreover, your GPA in the Bachelor’s degree should be a minimum of 3.8 if you want to apply to a Canadian University.
  • Normally, the duration of this degree may vary from 2-4  years. In the case of A-level students, the duration of your degree must be 3 years for MBBS in Canada.
  • You also have to pass a US-based MCAT test which has $250 fees.
  • Also, you must have a minimum of 6.5 scores in your IELTS.
  • An interview is held by the University in which you are going to apply, you also have to pass that.
  • Some universities may also require a Kasper test, which consisted of 12 papers that you have to pass.
  • Lastly, you have to pass an MCC (Medicine Council Of Canada) test which will make you eligible to apply for MBBS in a Canadian University.
  • There is a lot of competition for Canadian University Admission for MBBS, that is why you have to give it your best.


No doubt there are times when the tuition fees become a burden. You can always check scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada to relax yourself.

Application Duration:

Some of the Universities may require a direct mode for the application. However, many Canadian Universities use portals for this purpose.

A site called Ontario Universities Application Management has a separate application portal for medical students, most Canadian universities use that to receive application forms.

The portal usually opens in July. You have to submit your application in July and October is the month for transcripts along with an autobiographical diagram.

In November, you have to send your MCAT result. In January, you will be interviewed for admission. Likewise, you also have to send your IELTS and Kasper test results.

And finally, in May, the first list for admission of international students is announced.

Cost for MBBS  in Canada:

After you get admission for MBBS or MD in a Canadian University. It is up to you to pay your semester fees.

The per semester fees for MBBS in Canada, on average, is about $72,000 for Pakistani students, excluding the other living expenses.

If you have other plans then the best guide is in this article Canada student visa for Pakistani.

Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani Students:

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Canadian study can be quite hard for students because of all the expenses of education and livelihood. Thus, to make their burden a little bit lighter, many scholarship programs have been launched for these students.

However, you must apply as soon as possible for these Canadian 2023-2024 scholarships because the competition is very tough.

Following are some of the Scholarships in Canada for Students:

  • UICC fellowships. This program is always open.
  • The Smooth Movers are going up to $1000 award to one bright student. You just have written an essay. The last date of submission is 31st November.
  • The University of Waterloo is also providing twenty scholarships, $10,000 based on excellent academic performance. This program is always open.
  • University Canada West or UCW provides a number of scholarships for international students. Their deadline may vary.
  • Conestoga college provides scholarships ranging from $1500 to $3000. You can always apply for scholarships here.
  • Davidson International Scholarships is also a part of UCW. This program provides several scholarships of  $5000 each. However, you must hurry because this program expires in 16 days only.
  • EIT Internation Excellen is also providing scholarships that will remove 20% of your total educational expenses. This scholarship program is always open.

Note: For further information regarding these scholarships. Kindly visit the links on the sites.


Every medical student dreams of acquiring quality education. For this purpose, one of the primary choices in Canada due to their advancement in research and medicine.

There is certainly very high competition, but if you work hard, you will surely get there.

However, MBBS in Canada for Pakistani students is quite expensive. Hence, make sure that you have a complete plan and are financially stable enough to cover up all the expenses.