What is Canada Visa Price in Pakistan?【Avoid Fraud】

Canada visa price in Pakistan

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In this Blog We are Going To Discuss the Canada Visa Price in Pakistan, so Lets Start 

Canada is a well-known destination for Pakistani site visitors. Canada always welcomes its visitors with open arms. Due to its clean visa and immigration regulations Pakistanis like to go to or live in Canada.

If you are planning a journey to Canada then you are the right place. We cater with all the procedures. We have been dating with Canada Visa since 2020 and still dealing with it in 2023.

Canada Visa Price in Pakistan? - Paragon Education Consultants

Canada visa necessities and alertness manner, Canada visa expenses, documentation and processing time then you are in the perfect place. The entire process is given below.


All the visa procedures are accomplished in character on the Canada Visa Application middle Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The biometric is needed for all applicants, and extra costs can be paid by using the applicant for the biometric and visa processing with the Canada Visa Application Center CVAC.

The photos are not necessary because the CVAC takes fresh pictures on the spot. A Canada Visa expenses from Pakistan calls for a complete quantity of a hundred CAD (a hundred Canadian Dollar).Pakistani Currency Rate Of OCT 2023 (20,000) Canada work visa price in Pakistan is 185CAD$. Pakistani Currency Rate Of OCT 2023 ((20,000)

Visit Visa to Canada from Pakistan ) Processing Time? 

No you could make any guarantees of the way longer it’s going to take the Canadian authorities to approve your TRV applications. However we suggest applying at least 2 months earlier of your departure from Canada to be able to keep away from disappointment.

In case your application is delayed it can be because of these few issues which are stated below. 

  • Incomplete applications
  • Medical exam required
  • Background or security checks required
  • Criminal record
  • Interview required
  • Verification of documents needed

What are a Few Basic Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan Requirements? 

What are a Few Basic Canada Visit Visa Requirements? - Paragon Education Consultants

You have to fulfil the basic requirements in order to attain your Canada Visa. For that should have the following things. 

1. You should have an authentic travel document. For example, a passport. 

2. You should have no prior criminal record. 

3. You have to convince the officer that you have any resources that you can stay in Canada and returning back is not an issue. You are financially stable to support yourself by all means. 

4. Making sure that you will go back to Pakistan once your visit is over and your Visa expires.


Do you at times wonder how is Canada for students? We have got you covered for that too, read study in Canada for Pakistani students.

What is the Procedure to Apply Visa?  

Applying for a Visa through us can be very relaxing. As you don’t have to research a lot about things.

We will help you with everything. From filling all the documents to getting Visa application approved. 

Initially applicants need to download an online Visa form and fill in all the credentials. There are multiple packages available you can choose whatever suits you the best.

Make sure you provide all the information authentic and there should be no irrelevant information. 

After form the next step is to pay the fees of the Visa application. You have to pay the fees through bank draft or through cheque. 

Next step requires to submit the entire application to the nearest Visa center with your picture and passport. Incase or safety you can also have to fulfil the requirement of biometric.


Once an application is submitted you will get a receipt on which a tracking number will be mentioned. You can check your application by entering the tracking number on the website. In case you want to extend your Visa it can be extended for almost 30 days not more than that. You have to pay extra fees for extending the Visa. 

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