Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada

scholarships for pakistani students in canada

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Do you want to study in foreign universities and skillfully grow in your studies? It’s the wish of many Pakistani students to study in the top universities of the Canada. Moreover, they want to continue their higher studies in a competitive environment where top students from different regions are present. In addition to this, Pakistani students select countries like the Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, and Sydney for their further studies. Likewise, they search for scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada, Australia, and France.

Further, their dream is to represent their country in the foreign countries as the most powerful and competitive country that has the ability to challenge in every field.

The students of Pakistan can apply for Canadian scholarships, but Scholarships in Canada for international students are also present.

Similarly, international students can also avail themselves of the opportunity to study in Canada. Every year you can see study abroad scholarships for Pakistani students that give them a chance to grow in their domain.

Many countries offer such scholarships to brilliant students to study further and polish their skills and concepts.

But unfortunately, students are very less in number to avail these golden opportunities. The reason behind this small ratio of students is the little information and guidance of the students. 

Fully-Funded Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani Students 

Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani Students to participate in the development. Not only Canada but many other prominent countries like Turkey, France, China, Malaysia, UK, Australia and many more offer scholarships for the students. 

Furthermore, there are many fully-funded scholarships for Pakistani students in Canada that are very attractive for Pakistani students to gain. As Pakistan is a developing country and the people cannot afford such expensive living standards and education, they want to get fully funded scholarships.

In the same way, you can secure merit-based scholarships that are also easier to secure. All the brilliant students who have remarkable academic achievements can easily fall in their eligibility criteria. 

Similarly, Canada offers MPhil scholarships for Pakistani students who have completed their graduation and want to continue their education in an extraordinary and prominent university abroad. Likewise, MPhil students can get scholarships for the PhD courses.

Similarly, some courses that offer MPhil leading to PhD options for students are also in demand. These leading courses are introduced for the willing students who want to continue their PhD at the same University after their MPhil.

Why Should I Choose Canada? 

Many students prefer Canada to continue their studies from a list of universities in foreign countries for many reasons.

Primarily, they want to come here because of the amazing facilities which Canada is providing to its international students. 

Canada offers many creative and relevant subjects to study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship. Moreover, it provides different types of scholarships in Pakistan to choose the best for themselves. Some exchange programs are there for them to complete a part of their degree in Canada for a short duration.

Do not worry you will get you visa soon, but to keep the tracks read Canada visa processing time Pakistan.

The benefits a student avail during his study in Canada include: 

Better Academic Opportunities 

There is a better academic option with developed techniques, instruments and an environment where students can grow effectively. Likewise, the students will get quality education there instead of rote learning systems in Pakistan. 

Similarly, many diplomas and disciplines are there so that Pakistani students can select one amongst various courses that fits according to their interests. They provide you with many areas in which you can research like IT, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, etc.  

Earning Opportunities 

In Canada, you can earn side-by-side with studying to afford your living expenses and studying. If the student is capable of gaining a merit-based scholarship, then there will be no expenses at all. 

Moreover, you can work there at many places and can secure second-time jobs easily for earning purposes.  

Canadian Residency 

The students of Pakistan can ask for permanent residency in Canada if they don’t want to leave the country. Similarly, their adjustment to the culture and customs of Canada will make them stay there permanently.  

Affordable Study 

Many scholarships are fully funded, and you don’t have to bear any expenses. Moreover, the tuition fees of Universities are very cheaper. They offer some opportunities to students that can work there to fulfil their expenses by themselves.  

Canada Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2023-2024

In 2023 /2024, Canada offered various affordable scholarships for Pakistani students. The types of scholarships include fully funded, merit-based, and some exchange programs also. There are various scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada from which they can secure the best easily.

There are many Canadian universities where Pakistani students can enroll themselves. A shortlist of universities is given as: 

Ryerson University 

It is the top University of Canada, which offers a very small number of scholarships for international students, approximately only ten. In the same way, only those students can secure the scholarship who have a bright academic career.

Additionally, it offers 5000 dollars to the students and is a fully-funded type of scholarship.  

Quest University 

It is also included in the best universities of Canada that enroll students based on their academic excellence. It provides 2000 dollars to international students to bear their expenses. Moreover, it calls only undergraduate and the fresh graduates. 

Ottawa University 

The students who want to study law and social science subjects can apply for this University, it gives 15000 dollars and the time duration is one year.  

Can I Study in Canada without Paying Anything? 

If you are competent enough in your academics and have excellent grades, then yes, you can apply for fully funded scholarships and can study for free. e. 

Is it Easy to Secure a Scholarship in Canada?

It is not a piece of cake that you can get without any effort. You have to be good in your studies and capable enough to fall in their eligibility criteria. Many Pakistani students have studied in Canada. 

For the future doctors we have this article; MBBS in Canada for Pakistani students.


Here, we have discussed all types of scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada that they can secure. Moreover, the top universities of Canada and their grants are also mentioned. These scholarships are essential for Pakistani students to attain if they want to progress in their fields.

The Study abroad is far better than one in developing countries like Pakistan. They provide you with better facilities and opportunities to learn more by using the latest technologies. 

Therefore, it is not so complicated process to apply for Canadian scholarships, but you have to remain updated. When you find any suitable opportunity, go for it without hesitation. Good luck, students – the future of Pakistan.  

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