UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024

uk scholarships for pakistani students

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in This Blog we are Going to Discuss Best UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024,

UK universities are always determined to provide their international students with quality education. That’s why international students flock to British universities.

There is no way, on earth, that anyone would not want to attend the world-famous Oxford or Cambridge universities? 

Why Do UK Scholarships Get Priority?

In many ways, the UK remains one of the top choices to study abroad. There are countless reasons for this. Rankings of the best universities in the world always place UK universities at the top. Integrated skill development and learning system for multinational employers.

By studying in some of the oldest universities in the world, you’ll gain an appreciation of classical academic culture. 

A variety of modern learning methods are available. Enhancing the language’s ability to communicate both in writing and in conversation. The learning environment is multicultural and offers extensive support for students.

Welfare offers that are both cost-effective and approachable. Some of the universities offer fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students.

Scholarships Based on Funding:

Scholarships with funding are further classified into the following categories: 

  • Government-supported
  • Scholarships provided by non-governmental organizations


In Pakistan, the British Council and the Charles Wallace Foundation are partnering to offer the Charles Wallace Open Visiting Fellowship. UK scholarships for Pakistani students will assist them to complete their courses in a short time.

Each award holder receives £1,400 per month. Scholarships are given in specific subjects, such as the Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, and Environmental Sciences.

UK Scholarship for Pakistani Students Eligibility:                    

The following characteristics qualify you for these scholarships: Each scholarship program has its own eligibility criteria, but there are some common characteristics that qualify you: 

  • A list of all the academic degrees you have earned should be pursuing.
  • Grades expected or present must be good.
  • Proficiency in English is required.
  • You should have skills related to the topic at the university you are interested in applying to.

Remember that to succeed we need a proper statement of purpose for scholarship.

UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students in 2024

Scholarships can only be applied for either at the time of application or after the application has been submitted. You should check the deadlines for scholarships offered for a specific course.

Generally, you should apply to a university before applying for scholarships. Keep an eye on the relevant institution’s Website for updates.

Criteria for Financial Evaluation:

Students who cannot pay for their courses in the UK can avail themselves of paid scholarships, financial assistance, and grant schemes.

The UK government considers you for financial aid or a loan based on your country’s specific policy and specification. Visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website for more information.

Some universities also provide financial support, but keep in mind that not all UK scholarships include financial support, yet gaining the opportunity requires displaying exceptional academic abilities.

The following steps will help you find UK scholarships for Pakistani students

Find the relevant scholarship databases for your selected topic, and save the results.

  • Choose your top options and review the university profiles for more details on what they offer to international students.
  • Contact your preferred universities
  • Apply early for scholarships and begin the process as soon as possible.

There are some universities that offer scholarships for Pakistani students

Scholarships for International Students at SHU Transform Together

There are several UK scholarships for Pakistani students, including the Transform Together Scholarship. A tuition fee waiver scholarship connects international students with Sheffield Hallam University and helps them attend.

Scholarships for International Students at SHU Transform Together

Transforming Together for the Benefit of Pakistani Students at SHU

Pakistani students who qualify for the scholarship are entitled to receive a 50 percent discount on the entire postgraduate course free. UK scholarships for Pakistani students waive half of their tuition fees for each year they study at university.

In order to maintain their scholarships, Pakistani students need to maintain academic excellence comparable to the requirements, otherwise, abroad scholarships for Pakistani students can be cancelled. 

For courses that last longer than two years, a 50 percent discount will only be offered for the first two years of the fee.

harles Wallace Pakistan Trust 

Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust is a charitable trust whose primary focus is to support the process of education by minimizing administrative expenses. Students from Pakistan can obtain Doctoral and fellowship level studies with the assistance of the trust.

Funding grants vary depending on the study path chosen. A British Council employee is responsible for overseeing the entire UK scholarship for Pakistani students. Traditionally, grants are for 1 year for doctoral work, 3-6 months for reserved fellowships, and 3-6 months for visiting artists.

Scholarships offered by the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust 

Pakistani Ph.D. students, ideally in the final year of their PhD program. Students need to have strong academic credentials.

No prior experience outside Pakistan is required of Pakistani students applying for the scholarship. Candidates must be Pakistani nationals and must be between the ages of 30 and 50 and be juniors or in their mid-careers.

In the case of a visiting artist from Pakistan, he or she will be exposed to the visual arts and modern art. For the purpose of training, they must reside in art residences. Students must have recently graduated from the National College of Arts Lahore or be a member of VASL Pakistan. Pakistani citizens must be enrolled in the course.

Scholarships Available at Nottingham University 

The University of Nottingham is one of the best in the UK, ranked 11th best in the nation. A total of almost 40,000 students come to this public university from 150 countries to study. This is an excellent university for Pakistanis who want to study abroad.

The huge intake capacity in the United Kingdom inspires the dreams of many who aspire to be in this country.

Scholarships Available at Nottingham University  paragon education blog image

Postgraduate study at the University of Nottingham is eligible to apply for the developing solution’s scholarship.

Students will receive 100 or 50 percent of the tuition fee. The University of Nottingham will provide 105 UK scholarships for Pakistani students under Developing Solutions. Some students will receive full tuition fees, some will receive half tuition fee discounts.

Criteria for Eligibility 

Financial aid is available to students whose countries are members of Commonwealth nations, such as Pakistan.

A Pakistani student who has not studied at Nottingham University before. Students from Pakistan who have defined themselves as overseas students. The Pakistani student who has never studied outside Pakistan. Only Pakistani students with an offer from the University of Nottingham. 

Students from low and middle-income families, including Pakistani citizens, can apply for the Commonwealth scholarship for Pakistani students in the UK in 2021. In order to facilitate world-class education to exceptionally talented students, the Department of International Development of the United Kingdom offers the study scholarship.

Those who belong to Commonwealth nations like Pakistan, such as Pakistan, can take advantage of this scholarship to gain skill development. A postgraduate scholarship is for one year and a doctoral scholarship is for two years.

UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students through the Commonwealth

  • The students must be serving as a professor at an HEC recognized university and have experience of 1 year.
  • The Pakistani students should not have been a student of the same level in the UK before.
  • The Pakistani students are required to be under one of the themes.
  • The Pakistani students must be available before the academic year of the UK, that is September /October of the year.
  • The Pakistani students must not be before registered at a UK university for Postgraduate and doctorate.
  • The Postgraduate Pakistani applicants must have a first-class in their academics.
  • The Pakistani students must not have a third division in any of their academic years.
  • The Pakistani students must not be financially able to support their education in the UK.

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