UK Visit Visa From Pakistan 【A Complete Guide】

UK visit visa from Pakistan

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Travelling has been a great hobby for people all over the world since the beginning of time. As in the new era of technology, it has been made a lot easier for people to travel. This gives rise to the popularity of different travel destinations. Among those travel destinations, Europe is still one of the most popular places in the world. This makes UK visit visa a great permit that is valuable. Due to the historical connection with the people of the UK, UK visit visa from Pakistan is one of the common interests of a lot of people. 

However, How can someone apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan? All this and many other questions are going to be answered in today’s article. In the end, you will be able to claim a visit visa UK. Read this article completely to understand the procedure to get an England visa.

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Types Of UK Visa:

In the very first place, we are going to have a look at how many types of UK Visa exist. As per the intention of the visitor, UK Visa from Pakistan can be divided into different categories.

  • UK visitor visa
  • UK tourist visa
  • UK student visa
  • Visa for immigration to the UK from Pakistan 


Of course, there are many other types of visas for the UK. But we will be discussing only these types.

UK Visit Visa From Pakistan:

This type of visa allows the person to visit the UK in order to visit a place, a person, or anything. The main point of this is that you stay there for a short span of time and for a specific purpose.

The maximum time allowed for a visit visa is 6 months. However, it can vary within this amount of time as per the requirement of the person’s work.

UK Tourist Visa From Pakistan:

It is the type of visa that tourists use. it is for the purpose of traveling and visiting different places in the UK. A lot of popular travel bloggers and people who are fond of traveling apply for this visa.

The time limit for this type of visa is also six months. It means that you can stay in the UK or reside in any of its cities for a period of 6 months. After that, you will not be legally allowed in the UK.

UK Student Visa From Pakistan:

It is the type of visa for which the students apply if they get enrolled in any University or college in the UK. The duration of this type of visa depends on the duration of the course being studied.

If it is a two-year course, the visa will allow you to stay in the UK for 2 years and the same for other courses. Also check out UK student visa requirements or avoid problems.

UK Immigrant Visa From Pakistan:

This is the type of visa that people apply for if they want to migrate to another place. As evident from its name, it is quite difficult to get this visa. The procedure involves a lot of complexity and is usually a prolonged one.

UK Visit Visa Fee From Pakistan:

UK Visa fees for Pakistani have been a great topic of discussion as they are a considerable factor. UK Visit visa fee from Pakistan vary a bit depending on different Pakistan visa fees. This is why this is not just a simple answer. We have to consider different UK visa fees in order to find the perfect one.

When we talk about the general fee for the UK Visit Visa from Pakistan, it ranges from 92 Pounds to 100 Pounds. It translates as 33910.92 Pakistani rupees according to (OCT 2023) when converted. Remember that this is for the visit visa of six months. For more time, the fee will increase.

For a visit visa of Two years, the fee will be roughly around £376, translating as 1,27,497 Pakistani rupees according to (OCT 2023), when converted. Similarly the more you increase the time span, the fee will increase accordingly. The same thing will apply for a UK student visa fee. It can be evident from the government of UK official website.

How to Apply for a UK Visit Visa from Pakistan?

After knowing about the visa, one must think that how can I apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan. In order to calm you down, we will tell you the procedure to apply for UK Visa. There are two different ways to make UK visit visa application.


We are going to discuss both of them separately in the text below.

Online Visit Visa Application for the UK from Pakistan:

Pakistan has excelled in the field of technology. This is evident from the services that are being provided online. Like any other department, the government of Pakistan allows you to apply online for a visa. 

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You have to make a UK Visa application login on the official website of NADRA. 

Then you have to fill the UK visit visa application form. In that step, you have to provide a lot of information about your background, your personal data, why you are applying for the visa, and many other questions that the system will ask you.

Upon completely filling the application form, you will have to submit it and follow all of the professional guidelines given for the next step.

Offline Visit Visa Application for the UK from Pakistan:

This is the conventional method of applying for the visit visa of the UK from Pakistan. It has been done before online technology was introduced.

In this method, you get a form by visiting the NADRA office personally. Then you have to fill a UK Visa application from Pakistan. Then you submit it to NADRA authorities by hand.

Make sure that you carry all the documents required for the UK visit visa from Pakistan. This can be your scholarship letter, your admission form, or anything that is related to you visiting the UK.

This article was returned to provide you all the information regarding the UK visits visas from Pakistan. We hope that we have answered all of the queries that you had in your mind. If not, you can ping us anytime and Paragon will glad to be of help.