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Every student wants to broaden their horizons by studying abroad. That is why the demand of searching for one of the leading and top 5 best education consultants in Pakistan skyrocketed.

It goes without saying that the international education system not only caters to the needs of every student by providing them with the best learning environment, but also gives them a diverse community culture.

Let’s have a look at some of the best education consultants in Pakistan, and see what they have got to unfold for you. 

List of Top 5 Education Consultants in Pakistan

  • Paragon overseas education
  • IDP
  • ABN
  • Study Abroad
  • HR Consultants

Paragon Overseas Education

Paragon education has one of the leading consultants in Pakistan that guides the student to chase their dream in a perfect way. And when it comes to serving abroad, the sky’s the limit!

Having more than ten years of experience, Paragon Education has the most successful ratio when it comes to visa approval. 

Whether you are seeking the one of the best consultants that guides you in a customized way, or you want to have general guidance, Paragon has got you covered. 

They have more than 22 branches in Pakistan. That is why you have a chance of getting your nearest consulting company regardless of the city. 

Besides providing education guidance, they also give you a pathway of visa application.

As they have top-notched education consultants in Pakistan, that is why they provide you exactly what you are looking at. 

Be it the urge of career advice, education counselling, or visa application advice, they give you a proper recommendation based upon your education. 

If we talk about the countries in which they are supervising the way, then we can list the UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA. 

You know that these all possess top-tier professors, academia courses, diverse culture, learning environment, and best places to live in!

Key Aspects:

#1 Consultants

Paragon Overseas Education


More than 6 years of serving

No # Employees


Branches in Pakistan


Head Office

Lahore Gulberg

USA successful student visa ratio


UK successful student visa ratio

98.9 %

Australia successful student visa ratio


Canada successful student visa ratio


Overall Success Ratio



IDP turns your dream of studying abroad into reality. Let’s have a look at some of the keen points of IDP and see how they are making the difference in the market.

Now , you don’t have to surf the internet to look for top education consultants. IDP promises to give you the best online counselling session.

You will have 1 to 1 counselling and training sessions with their consultants. As they ranked in one of the best and top 5 best education consultants in Pakistan,

they help you to thoroughly guide you about the latest visa updates, fee structure, cost of living, and much more.

Key Aspects:

IDP Education

Help you finding the best course for you

Provides assistance for the preparation of IELTS

Leads you through proper channel for studying abroad


The consultants of ABN help you prepare for the IELTS interview thoroughly, and that is where they leave a mark. In this section, we will have a look at its significant features.

They help you to prepare for the mock tests, and other significant tests for studying abroad. Moreover, they also have a free IELTS preparation test which assists you to have a know-how of how a test looks like.

Key Aspects:

ABN Consultants

Stunning opportunities in Canada, UK, USA.

1 to 1 student counselling

Education consultations, and services

HR Consultants

Another leading education consultants in Pakistan, HR consultants. Their experts provide you academic counselling according to your background, interests, and availability of the admissions time. They also assist you in guiding the right path that is helpful in your future.

Key Aspects:

HR Consultants

Academic counselling

Securing admission

IELTS Preparation

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is another promising education consultants in Pakistan that provides scholarships and best courses to the students. 

They promise to provide scholarships to top tier universities and guide students accordingly. As they are listed in top 5 best education consultants in Pakistan,

they provide customised guidance to the students. They help you to prepare for the important tests, provide you the guidebooks, and give one to one counselling as well. 

Key Aspects:

Study Abroad

They are offering you student, study, and work visas for many of the countries. For instance, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Hongkong, China, and many more.

They provides study guides

They assist you in the preparation of many tests, like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and much more.

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