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Top UK Universities for Pakistani Students 【Reviewed】

Admission to internationally recognized institutes can be the dream of someone who has a thirst for knowledge. In developed countries like the UK, there are a lot of opportunities for students. Especially when it comes to Pakistani students, we have several historical connections with the people of the UK. UK universities for Pakistani students are always a great opportunity for youth who is hungry for knowledge. 

However, getting into those universities is not an easy job. It can be pretty tricky to even choose your dream institution that best suits your desired field. Even though this decision is not easy to make, we are going to share some of our insights that will help bring UK time to Pakistan. Have a read to the list given below.

List of the available UK universities for Pakistani students:

Following is a list of the best universities in UK that can be an option while picking one of them, particularly for Pakistani students.

  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Greenwich
  • Middlesex University
  • Cardiff University
  • University of East London
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • University of Salford
  • University of Hertfordshire 
  • Liverpool John Moores University

Now, after UK university list, we are going to have a look at all of these universities is individually and discuss the pros and cons of taking admission there.

University of Bedfordshire:

Situated in two of the large towns Luton and Bedford, this University has two campuses in the mentioned towns, located in the north of London. This university was founded in 2006 and still secure a great position when it comes to listing the topmost convenient universities for international students. It offers courses for post-graduation as well. The University comprises over 20,000 students from 120 different countries of the world. It has to offer well-accommodated places to live and various discounts and scholarships available for international students.

University of Bedfordshire

University of Greenwich:

Located in the prime position of Central London, this university is of great importance. It hosts 25000 students from over a hundred countries of the world. The university offers a lot of different courses in various fields.

University of Greenwich

Also, it offers a lot of help for the international students including complexities of Visa renewal and others. Also, it is termed as the most environmentally friendly University.

Middlesex University:

Middlesex University

The university was established in the year 1973 in London, England. It is most famous for the courses of business however it does offer some other courses as well. The University has been awarded a Queen’s Award for enterprises for its international standing.

It offers prime accommodation services for international students. In terms of ranking, this University also stands high. It is said to be the fourth-best university in the entire UK in terms of social services.

Cardiff University:

As the name indicates, the university is located in Cardiff, Wales. It was established in the year 1883, hence carrying great historical importance. This university’s psychology course is one of the most famous courses in the world.

Cardiff University

This university has over 30,000 students enrolled, 10,000 of them being international students. Moreover, in the QS ranking of the world’s universities, it stands in the top 160. Its international development department is what makes it desirable for all international students.

University of East London:

The University of East London, also known as UEL, was founded as a university in the year. To date, it has over 13000 students enrolled in different courses from 135 countries of the world. It was ranked as the second-best university in the UK universities list in terms of teaching abilities.

University of East London

An international office is established at University which deals with the entire procedure for international students. Also, an entire fee orientation is conducted for them.

Sheffield Hallam University:

It is one of the largest as well as most popular universities in the whole UK. Also said to be one of the most modern universities and eight of its courses are ranked among the top 20. Almost 93% of the graduates of this university get employed within the next six months after graduation.

Sheffield Hallam University

In the university, a dedicated international team guides the students in the complete procedure of Visa, arrival, airport pickup, and others.

Do not worry about the fees, because we have collected the data of UK scholarships for Pakistani students.

University of Salford:

Located in Manchester, this university has had an extended history and great tradition since its establishment in the year 1850. It is 60 acres of area, along the bank of the River Irwell. In terms of progress, a full 100% satisfaction was shown for all the top courses. For international students, it offers an interLINK, that helps connect the newbie international students to old ones, hence creating an ease for them.

University of Salford

University of Hertfordshire:

The university is located in Hatfield, England. It comprises over 25,000 students from 90 different countries. The engineering courses at this university are quite popular along with many others. It is located in the country of Hertfordshire, 35 kilometers north of London.

The percentage of students immediately getting jobs after graduation is 92% which shows the possibility of a bright future for the students. The International Student Support Team is responsible for the convenience of international students.

University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire College lane Campus Aerial photography by Pete Stevens ©

Also, various on-campus and off-campus accommodations of national and international students make it a great choice for Pakistani university students.

Liverpool John Moores University:

Finally, the Liverpool John Moore’s University, as the name indicates, is situated in the historical city of Liverpool. It is quite popular for its sports. It is one of the largest universities in the UK, comprises over 22,000 students from over 100 different countries.

Liverpool John Moores University

This university is a pioneer in multimedia teachings. For international students, it offers language courses as well as affordable on-campus accommodation. All of these facilities combined make it quite a convenient choice for study in UK for Pakistani students.

It is time that you study in UK from Pakistan.


So these were all the UK universities for Pakistani students that we listed for you to choose from. The choice also depends on various other factors like your field of study, your budget, etc. However, we hope that we provided a rough guide on how to study in UK from Pakistan.

Remember we are always here for you. It is alright if you are confused because we will sort things out for you. See you at Paragon Overseas Education office.

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