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Canada student visa for Pakistani

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Once you have decided to study in Canada, the next step is to get a student visa. In this article, we will give you complete guidance on applying for a Canada Study visa from Pakistan.

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Types of Canada Study Visa from Pakistan:

There are two types of Canadian student visa for Pakistanis. The first is SPP (Student Partnership Program), while the other is SDS (Student Direct Stream Program).

SPP mode is quite an old method. However, ts new version, SDS, also provides opportunities for Pakistanis. So we will discuss how you can get a Canadian study visa as a Pakistani.

SDS (Student Direct Stream Visa):

SDS is an online permit process to get a Canadian Student Visa for Pakistanis and many other countries. This process is much easier and faster than SPP. You can apply for a student permit at their site.

Through the SDS process, you can get your Canadian student visa in 20-30 days.

Eligibility Criteria for SDS:

Following are the basic requirements to get a Canadian student visa for Pakistanis through SDS:

  • It would help if you had an F.A or F.Sc (Intermediate) degree.
  • An IELTS score of 6-7 is required. However, an O-level or A-level student does not need IELTS. This step is crucial.
  • You must apply for a student visa one year after completing your intermediate. After one year, you will not be eligible to apply for a student visa.
  • DLI (Designated Learning Institutions) Universities/Colleges are best to apply for as a foreigner. These institutes are registered by the Government and are much more secure.
  • Once you have elected your DLI, the next step is application. This process requires $150-$250 fees, depending upon the institution.
  • Some essential documents for the application process are a mark sheet or student certificate of your intermediate college, a passport copy, and your IELTS result.
  • Now, you have to wait for the acceptance letter. It usually takes about one month to get your acceptance letter.


  • In SDS, you have to pay the fees of at least one year of your institution.
  • This is because, in SPP, most students paid the fee of the first semester. But did not have the resources to pay for the next semester, and hence they had to work.
  • This disturbed their education, and eventually, they had to go back to their home country.
  • Thus, in SDS, you have to pay for one year. After fee payment, they will issue a receipt.
  • This receipt is critical for an application for a Canadian student visa.

Bank Account Setup:

  • For this step, make sure you set up your account in a bank with GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).
  • In a GIC bank account, you have to deposit a sum of $10,000CAD. Don’t worry; this sum will be paid back monthly once you get your student visa and enter Canada.
  • If you don’t get a letter for admission, this sum will be paid back to you.
  • Following Canadian Banks offer GIC: Bank of Montreal, SBI, ICICI, RBC, CIBC, Scotia Bank.
  • After you have deposited the required sum in a GIC bank, you will receive certificate proof essential for a student visa application.

Medical and Police Clearance Certificates:

After your admission has been approved, the next step is to get yourself a complete medical checkup by a doctor approved by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

After getting your medical certificate has been given, you are to get your police clearance or character certificate (PCC). This process is quite long as there are a lot of cases to function and can take up to 3-6 months in Pakistan. So it is better to do it beforehand.

Police Character Certificate Pakistan - Paragon Education Consultants

Biometric Test:

Get your fingerprint test from a Canadian visa application center. This will cost $85. Keep the receipt that you will receive.

Apply for a Student Permit:

Now that you have all of your documents and certification, the next step is to apply for a student visa.

This step is done online through the following link:

For applying, you need to pay a fee of $150. Again, you will receive a receipt which you have to submit along with your application.

Also, make sure that while you are applying, you have a printer/scanner, or you are in a place having these devices.

This is essential as all of the documents will be included in the application through scanning.

As a recap, the following are the documents that you have to submit in your application:

  • Visa application form.
  • Acceptance letter by DLI.
  • Original passport.
  • 5-6 passport-sized photographs.
  • IELTS result.
  • Academic certificates.
  • Financial stability proof, showing you are stable enough to bear the expenses in Canada.
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment ($150-$250)
  • Proof of a GIC bank account.
  • Student questionnaire (a letter of one page confirming that you are visiting Canada for study purposes)
  • Police Character Certificate (PCC).
  • Medical Exam Certificate.
  • B-form.
  • Bank statement of past four months (critical)
  • Receipt for study permit fee ($150)
  • Additional documents may include a sponsorship letter from a relative stating that they will bear your financial expenses.
  • Your biometric test result.

After applying for the student visa and it is approved, you will get it in 1-2 months.

Before finalizing your decision it is best if you explore study in Canada for Pakistani students.


In short, to get a Canada study visa from Pakistan, make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above.

A single mistake can result in the disapproval of your visa, hence remain very careful and attentive during the entire process.

Hopefully, after your visa is approved, go to Canada, study hard, make your dreams come true, make your family and Pakistan proud.

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