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statement of purpose for scholarship

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When it comes to taking admission to top-notch universities of the world, they always have some tough criteria to be fulfilled. That tough criterion can be seen through their entrance exams, merit lists, and so many other things. One thing that is done even before all of these criteria is the statement of purpose for scholarship.

What is a Statement of Purpose for Scholarship:

Starting off our topic, free firstly need to be clear about basically is the meaning of a statement of purpose for Scholarship.

Statement of purpose, better known as an SOP for the scholarship can be defined as a basic, brief and short essay. This essay will be responsible for highlighting all of your educational background, career achievements, but most importantly, your goals for the future, and why you want to be a part of this institute.

As we can understand by its name, it is actually the purpose of the statement.

In essence, what is the reason behind making that statement, and what are the future aims of that particular statement.

SOP and How it is Different from a Personal Statement for Scholarship:

Most people think that the personal statement and statement of purpose are similar things.

However, there is a lot of difference present between both of them. We are going to have a look at some of them.

Basic Difference:

The personal statement is something that defines an individual for the university he is opting to get admission to. It defines a person’s own interests, basic information, and abilities.

Meanwhile, the statement of purpose defines what a person can do for the university.

It actually defines the actual purpose by people is taking admission in the university and how we can benefit the university.

This is how the personal statement is different from the statement of purpose.

The Difference in Their Level:

Usually, the personal statement is written by a student who is still an undergraduate. He writes his personal information to the university to take admission and take advantage of University to polish his skills.

Meanwhile, the statement of purpose is written by a graduate who is already a scholar.

He has a lot of knowledge of the field and he has a lot to offer to the university.

So we can safely say that statement of purpose is on a greater level when we compare it to the statement of purpose.

Types of the Different Statements of Purpose (SOP):

When talking about a statement of purpose and its basic definition, it is quite a generalized knowledge. However, the actual statement of purpose is not that generalized.

There are a lot of complexities that we go through in our careers. So we have to make a different statement of purpose as per our choice of career.

Based on those career choices, we can actually classify the statement of purpose. In the text below, we will see how many types of statements of purpose exist.

This is how you can be able to decide your one easily. Have a read to the text written below.

Statement of Purpose for a Need-Based Scholarship:

There are plenty of need-based scholarships available everywhere. Most of the time, these scholarships come with entire coverage of your tuition fee, book fee, and all of the other dues at the University.

This is why it is the best one to hunt if you actually canter for the University fee and other expenses.

explain your suitability for this scholarship

As described above, it is quite effective and helpful. However, it is not easy to hunt this scholarship.

It is usually one of the most difficult ones to hunt because of all the benefits available and the strict criteria to provide it only for those students who actually can’t afford the University expenses.

However, there are several ways that you can use in order to get one of them and we are going to describe those.

Start by Creating a Basic Profile:

Obviously, you cannot start it by your family issues being described. You have to create your basic profile in that statement of purpose first.

Tell them about who you actually are and what is your family background. Write ineffective words so that they can visualize all of the situations.

This will create a great impact on them.

State your Financial Difficulties:

how to write statement of purpose

This is the section that actually interests almost all of the scholarship authorities. Tell them about why it is difficult for you to pay the university expenses. you can define by stating the professions of your parents or the unstable situation you are going through.

No matter how hard is the financial condition, always make sure that you are not begging them for money. Apply for a scholarship with all of your grace.

An extra point is to note that do not exaggerate your financial difficulties.

Be honest to yourself and scholarship authorities and let them decide if you deserve this scholarship or not.

Explain your Sustainability for the Scholarship:

Besides all of the descriptions, they actually want to know that whether you deserve this scholarship or not.

And this is exactly what you need to provide them; an answer to this question. You should be actually stating this answer so keep the right tone.

Concluding your Statement of Purpose:

The conclusion is the most important part of the statement. In your conclusion, you should be summarising what you have already said in the statement. Keep it brief and simple.

Online resources: statement of purpose sample for scholarship

We exist in an era of online communication. There is tons of different content available on career websites and YouTube. You can search for many statements of purpose sample essays. They will guide you a lot and open the door for many different worlds for you.

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Statement of Purpose for HEC Scholarships:

When we talk about the biggest higher education governing body in Pakistan, HEC is the first thought we come across. Higher Education Commission, abbreviated as HEC, is an institute in Pakistan that is responsible for all higher education including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses.

what is statement of purpose

So we can say that HEC is responsible for all of the admissions, scholarships, and careers in the field of education.

As we have seen how important HEC is, all of the students must be interested in writing the statement of purpose. Acceptance of that statement of purpose is going to lead you to the best outcomes possible.

However, the question arises that how to write a statement of purpose that can stand out and prove to be the best. In the paragraph below, we are going to describe what you actually need to do.

Follow all of the Official Guidelines BY HEC:

Before we get to the tips and tricks, we must keep our eye on what is a MUST for HEC. HEC usually defines criteria clearly provides the guidelines as well as restrictions accordingly. 

All you have to do is visit the HEC official website. They will be having all of the criteria and requirements are written there. Read it out completely and make sure that you remember all of this while writing the statement of purpose.

Moreover, after completing the statement of purpose, go through these guidelines again cross-check all of the content that you have written.

Personal Statement for Scholarship for Masters:

As described before, HEC is the governing body of all of the master’s courses in addition to others. This is why for the purpose of getting a scholarship for your master’s, you have to come up with something unique.

Getting a scholarship for your master’s from HEC is the ultimate dream of any student opting to do a Masters’s. The reason is that the HEC scholarship includes all of the living expenses of that student in addition to the tuition fees.

If you get admission on the SC scholarship anywhere in the universities of Pakistan, you don’t have to pay even a single penny for tuition.

Therefore we are going to provide you guidelines that will help you find the best scholarships available. Go through all of the below-mentioned guidelines and follow them. 

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Make it Your Statement of Interest:

Master’s level in your study indicates that you are already a scholar. You have all of the knowledge related to your field and you are not just randomly hunting for universities.

Make the statement stand out by providing all the necessary information about your field of interest, the knowledge you have for them, and what do you expect. 

Shaping your statement of purpose like this will help you out in discovering your own self as well. You will find out about all of your interests that you have related to your field.

You will end up being in the best possible field of your career and the most suitable place you belong.

Follow all of the Guidelines of a Good Statement of Purpose:

In the previous topic, we have told you almost all of the qualities of a good statement of purpose. You are required to follow all of these guidelines in this one as well.

Make it clear, graceful, and defining your level of study. Also, be aware of the word limit that has been described by HEC or university.

Make your statement of purpose such that it is within that word limit and not exceeding it. 

Make different paragraphs of the entire statement so your statement of purpose won’t look wordy or stuffed.

However if the paragraph number is limited, then stick to the professional guidelines. Make sure to conclude the entire statement at the end.

Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Sample PDF:

There are a lot of websites that have the sample statement of purpose for Scholarship in the form of PDF. Not just the PDF but there are a lot of templates available for a good statement of purpose. You can go through a lot of different websites and search for a statement of purpose for Masters PDF.

You will immediately get a lot of different samples available particularly for the master programs.

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Creating the Best Statement of Purpose for Scholarship: Tips and Tricks

In addition to following the professional guidelines, there are several tips and tricks that you can use in order to make your statement of purpose for scholarship stand out.

These tips and tricks should be treated as the final check on your statement of purpose for scholarship.

Know About the University Thoroughly:

This is a crystal clear step but many students oversee this. They focus on the structure of the statement of purpose so much that they forget what University is actually requiring.

This is why it is highly important to do your homework right and have a lot of background knowledge.

Know the taste of the scholarship you are applying for and write your statement of purpose according to that.

Write down your statement of purpose:

Most of the students type their statement of the purpose on online software. This is not a bad step but when compared to the actual writing on-page, the writing one is preferred and recommended by experts.

Our mind reads what we are writing more quickly and efficiently. And then there is a whole brainstorm happening inside our minds. This brainstorm leads to the best results that can be evident from the written content afterward.

personal statement for scholarship

Ask the alumni:

If you have been in a study environment for quite a long, you probably have come in contact with different seniors who already nailed the statement of purpose for a particular university. Go out and ask those seniors to recheck your statement of purpose.

There are a lot of people available online on different websites like YouTube. You can find out any statement of purpose for scholarship application sample online.

The samples are going to help you a lot in editing and rewriting your own statement of purpose.


So this article was made in order to guide you for your statement of purpose for scholarship. We hope that you have learned a lot from about statement of purpose from this article.

No worries if you are new to this, because we have formed a team of experts who will help you forming a compelling statement of purpose. You are welcome to visit us or call us and we will talk about this in detail.