Top Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Australia

Scholarship for Pakistani Students in Australia

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Australia possesses an outstanding quality of life, and that is the reason it ranks only behind Norway. Australia is the third most famous destination for international students as it offers lots of choices of good universities to choose from. And not only good universities, but the options of courses they provide are endless.

Whether you are into arts and humanitarian, or you love to study biology and natural science, there is always top-ranked universities in Australia that offer you this opportunity.

However many students don’t apply as they face financial barriers in pursuing their higher education in this vibrant country. But, what about if we tell you that there are some scholarships in Australia for Pakistani students that you can get your hands on?

Let’s have a look over them as we highlight the eligibility criteria, benefits they offer, citizens’ requirements, and universities that come under that scholarship.

So much to explore, so without any further ado, let’s get this blog post started!

List of scholarships in Australia for International students

Here we will highlight some of the best scholarships offered by Australia not for only Pakistani students, but also international students.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships are the best opportunities for many emerging leaders from developing countries. These scholarships offer short courses and study programs in Australia and the region nearby. The choice of courses is endless which means that don’t have to seek any other scholarship if you have to study something of your interest.

These scholarships also offer a master’s degree in man significant key areas like women’s empowerment, water security, and agriculture. People who acquire these scholarships become competent to contribute to their homeland as well. 

Let us tell you that the selection of the applicants is based upon some merit, and the applicants must show that they are eligible for the specific scholarship they are applying for.

There are no qualifying exams for scholarships in Australia. The only exam that the students may have to take is the IELTS to demonstrate their English language ability.

Moreover, support is also provided for the student’s family, including dependent children. This initiative provides benefits for an educational experience while nourishing the future leaders that they deserve.

Graduate Research Scholarship

The Graduate Research Scholarship includes the Melbourne Research Scholarship and Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship programs. 

These scholarships are available to Pakistani students who are entering the graduate program at the University of Melbourne. This scholarship provides a fully funded opportunity covering full fee remission and grants up to $135,000.

On average, 600 scholarships are awarded to pre-graduate students. The Graduate Research Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship offered to Australian, domestic, and international students.

And if you are wondering what courses, and disciplines fall under these types of scholarships, then there is no limitation. Whether you want to study biological science, or you want to study art and culture, there will be some courses of interest. 

Plus, if you are thinking about the selection criteria of this scholarship, then you must have applied for these scholarships and match all the requirements to get yourself enrolled in Melbourne University. 

Students who enroll themselves in the master’s program can get their 2 years tuition fees covered with these scholarships. 

You’ll receive a yearly stipend of $37,000 for living expenses along with a paid leave bonus. Australian nationals will also receive a $2000 grant, while international students will receive a $3000 grant. Students are evaluated and ranked based on their academic performance in their most recent degree and their research potential in their field.

There are many other considerable factors as well including research courses, relevant work experience, publications, specialized medical qualifications, or original music compositions.

Endeavour Scholarship

Endeavor scholarship is for Pakistani student who wants to pursue their high academic education in Australia. If you want to study for a Master’s degree, then this scholarship will last up to two years. Otherwise, it will last up to four years if you are pursuing a PhD. 

Apart from the years, let us tell you about the application submission time as well. The applications for Endeavour open in April of every year and close in June of each respective year. And, if you get selected, you will get a piece of good news in December, as the application processing, and evaluation takes time.

You must choose a university that aligns with this scholarship. Select the programs you are interested in, and start filling out the application in the given time. Apply online with your research plan, grades, references, and English proficiency proof. 

The Endeavour Scholarship is a program supported by the Australian government. It helps students from Pakistan who want to do more studies. The scholarship pays for things like school fees, travel costs, living money, and health insurance. If you want to do a Master’s degree, this scholarship can last for two years. It’s good for research in areas like business, engineering, health, and other subjects.

Destination Australia Scholarship

Let us also demonstrate another impressive scholarship opportunity for Pakistani students. This scholarship permits Pakistani students to avail of it in regional Australia. 

It offers a lot of room for Pakistani students to participate in the vibrant student community of Australia, and engage in daily life as well. This scholarship helps students of Pakistan to make positive contributions to local communities.

So, the Pakistani students who enrol themselves for this full-time scholarship in Australia will get up to AUD 15,000 per year. Students can get admission into any Australian university, or vocational education and training (VET) institution that aligns with this scholarship.

Let us tell you that this scholarship covers full tuition fees, travel allowance, and other living expenses during your student era in Australia. Thus, it provides you with an opportunity to get the maximum from this scholarship.

Now, let’s talk about the procedure through which you can apply for the Destination Australia Scholarship. As a Pakistani student, you need to submit your application through your chosen university or VET institution in Australia.  

Applications for this scholarship are normally a part of the regular admission process. These types of scholarships are provided to students who have excelled in their past education years.

As Destination Australia Scholarship aligns with different universities, and educational institutes which is why you will get to experience the vibrant lifestyle of Australia. You will find the student community of Australia very friendly, and welcoming.

Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

The University has defined some strict academic merit levels for Pakistani student who wants to get this golden opportunity. The eligibility criteria depend on the course the student is applying for. 

  • Get a direct entry to undergraduate and postgraduate award programs. 
  • Plus, the students who have completed their most recent qualifications in Australia.
  • Students will get a chance to study in Australia in any discipline (some exceptions apply).

Concluding Notes:

Above mentioned are some of the scholarships offered by Australia to pursue your higher education. Let’s excel in the superior fields by stepping into the international world, and top-class faculty. Whether you are looking to pursue a degree in arts, political science, humanitarian, MBBS, or PhD, let’s get your hands on the best education that broadens your international exposure.


Let us highlight some of the queries related to the eligibility criteria, IELTS score, and other common questions to get scholarships in Australia.

What is the requirement to get a full scholarship in Australia?

It does not matter if you are a national student or international student, you must meet certain criteria if you want to avail a full scholarship in Australia.

For instance, 

  • A bachelor’s degree (with a good CGPA)
  • Proof of English-level test passing certificate
  • A letter of recommendation from your professors
  • Possessing a strong research potential

Is there any Australian scholarship for Pakistani students that offers 100% tuition fee remission?

Melbourne University offers an undergraduate level of scholarships for international students. The university offers 10k USD for the first year, and then 50% for the next three years. However, if a student maintains his CGPA, he will be offered with 100% tuition fee remission.

How can you get a maximum scholarship in Australia?

For this, you need to participate in student community life. You also need to apply for as many scholarships as you can in student life. Eligible yourself to avail of many scholarships by fulfilling the requirements.

What are the CGPA criteria to avail full scholarship in Australia?

A CGPA between 3 to 4 must be maintained throughout your academic career in Australia if you want to avail yourself of a scholarship in Australia.

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