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Want to study in a place that’s brimming with culture and history, while getting a world-class education? It’s time to visit the United Kingdom. You can earn qualifications that will make a tremendous impact on your career in the United Kingdom’s world-leading education system.

What makes the UK a Great Place to Study? 

Discover why international students choose to study in UK as one of the top countries to study with origins dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Some of the oldest universities and colleges in the world are found in the United Kingdom (UK). 

The British education system has become the benchmark for other countries because of its strong legacy. International students are so interested in studying in the UK because of these six reasons:

1. Excellence in academics

Academic standards in UK universities are among the highest in the world, so it is recommended to study in the UK from Pakistan. As a matter of fact, four of the top 10 universities in the world are in the UK [QS World Ranking 2019]. In the UK, practical, utility-based knowledge is viewed as more valuable than traditional textbook-based learning.

Through these courses, you will gain critical thinking and analytical skills, along with creative abilities, within your chosen field.

2. Education of excellence

There is an independent body in the UK known as the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) that regularly evaluates the education standards at all UK colleges and universities. Furthermore, it helps identify the best educational practices and sends feedback for improvement, as well as checking their performance through audits and subject reviews.

Various UK higher education funding bodies are also involved in this evaluation, releasing their findings regularly. All these things are guaranteed by it students take part in the best research, teaching, and learning, no matter what they study.

Study in the UK would be the best experience for any student.

3. Courses with shorter durations

Unlike several other countries, the UK’s education system is shorter and more intensive, so Studying in the UK is beneficial as graduates will finish sooner without sacrificing quality.

A graduate program will take only one year to complete, while an undergraduate program requires three years. Additionally, you will save money by not having to pay tuition fees and living expenses.

4. Learn while you work

Working part-time during term time allows you to manage your living expenses while studying in the UK. In fact, you can even work full time during the semester break.

Paying your bills and gaining industry experience in your chosen area of study will be possible through this interaction.

5. Experience Europe while studying

There is good connectivity between the UK and other countries in Europe, such as France, Netherlands, and Belgium, which are the closest to it at distances between 300 and 1,000 miles (1,609.34 km). While studying in UK from Pakistan, you can explore the different places since the airport operates 24 hours a day.

6. Students’ health benefits

Through the National Health Service (NHS), you will have access to free medical treatment while studying in the UK as an international student. The following steps must be followed The International Health Surcharge (IHS) must be paid in order to enjoy this benefit.

If you need more information, talk to our counselor.

Students from outside the UK may be eligible for partial scholarships

Despite the UK’s high-ranking institutions, those rankings can come at a high cost. For those who want to study in the UK from  Pakistan plan in advance, however, you can apply to a variety of partial scholarships offered by UK colleges and universities.

International students have many scholarship options in the United Kingdom. International students can also apply for postgraduate means in Pakistan. For more information on applying, visit the UK Government website.

Do not worry if you want to learn more about scholarships. We have got you covered; UK scholarships for Pakistani students, International scholarships for Pakistani students.

Is there an Eligibility Requirement to Apply for UK Partial Scholarships?

UK universities for Pakistani students offer a scholarship. Recipients should have a good academic score, but there are other considerations such as destination, subject, and level that may be considered.

A partial scholarship may allow students to take advantage of extracurricular activities as well as volunteering.

You should keep in mind that partial scholarships all have their own eligibility requirements. You may only need to submit an application in some of these situations, while in others you will have to fulfill more requirements.

If you are enrolled in a research-centric program, you might have to submit a written assignment. Whenever you have questions, like how to study in the UK from Pakistan, you can contact our counselor.

What is the Value of Scholarships?

It varies between institutions how much money is available and what type of award is presented. Depending on the program, tuition fees can be covered by up to 100%. You can also use the funds to cover some of your living expenses.

When applying for government scholarships, you may face more competition than when applying for university scholarships.

Our recommendation is that you begin the process 8-12 months before if you want to study in the UK. Anytime you need assistance, our counselors will be delighted to guide you.

UK Student Accommodation & Housing

The journey to finding your home away from home for students looking for a place to live during their studies, there are some options.

If you are considering renting a flat, living in a shared room, living on campus, or staying with a local family (homestay), then choose the option that best meets your needs.

When you first arrive to study in the UK from Pakistan, then you might also need to find short-term accommodations, such as hotels, hostels or beds, and breakfasts.

Choosing to live on campus in student housing (a hall of residence) can be convenient as you do not need to travel far, and making new friends can prove rewarding as well.

Most of the accommodation offered in private halls of residence is arranged in flats with shared kitchen/living areas, located near the city center or a university.

You must consider the distance between your home and your college as well as the ease of getting from your home to campus besides shopping centers, restaurants, and health facilities, consider what else you may want nearby.

In England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, you have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Here are some of the most common:

Halls of Residence Managed by Private Companies

Typically, these are single study rooms arranged in flats with a shared kitchen/living area. Students can connect with friends and study in these safe, secure homes.

Generally, they are located close to cities or universities and offer most things you need, including Wi-Fi and insurance, as well as social and study areas.

Accommodations in Private Homes

Private rented housing is common among UK students. Students in their second year or later are especially fond of this. Renting or sharing a room with other students is an option for students. Pakistani students in the UK tend to share a lot – it’s a way of reducing costs, while also being fun and social.

If students intend to rent, they should consider the cost of utilities (gas, electricity, water) as well as a TV license.

There are accommodations for students who have arrived to study in the UK from Pakistan, but items like kitchen utensils and bedding may need to be purchased. The process of applying for rental property will require substantial identification, documentation, and deposits.

A lease is typically required for any privately rented property.

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