MBBS in USA for Pakistani Students – Requirements & Fee Structured 2024

MBBS in USA For Pakistani Students

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If you are willing to become one of the successful, and aspiring doctors, then the USA is your destination. This country not only holds up-to-the-mark education facilities but also opens the doors of international exposure.

Many Asian students want to study in USA to gain the best medical education. So, if you also feel yourself in the same boat, then this blog post is for you. 

MBBS in USA for Pakistani students has opened the gateways to serve anywhere around the globe. As Pakistani students wants to enter into a landscape that possesses state-of-the-art technology, a multicultural community, and an updated curriculum, that is why they prefer the USA the most.

Let us get you covered with some valuable and must-know insights if you want to study MBBS in USA as a Pakistani student.

We will cover the total cost, time duration, fee structure, document requirements, PMC-approved universities, and much more.

So, gear up, and see what we have go for you!

Why You Should Go For MBBS in USA as a Pakistani Student?

First of all, let us have a look over all the amazing aspects that the USA holds as the best destination for studying MBBS. 

The mode of instruction is English, and the local language is also English. Which is why it eliminates the concerns about language barriers for students. 

The quality of medical education in the USA is outstanding, with medical universities and degrees being recognized and approved by both the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization).

MBBS universities in the USA enjoy a stellar global reputation, contributing to the high demand for doctors trained in the country.

While the admission process for studying medicine in the USA is not overly complex, the MD fees are relatively higher compared to other international universities.

However, the availability of scholarships, offered by numerous top medical universities, helps alleviate this financial aspect.

The adoption of the latest educational methodologies ensures optimal learning experiences. The worldwide recognition of a medical degree from the USA enhances its value, and the country presents ample job and internship opportunities for medical graduates.

The next part will highlight the updated fee structure of studying MBBS in USA for Pakistani student. 

What are the MBBS Fees in the USA for Pakistani Students?

As we all know the MBBS in USA for Pakistani students fee structure is pretty high, but you will get a lot of scholarships and study loans when you decide to study in the USA as a Pakistani student.

Some top medical universities in the USA offer full or partial scholarships to students during MD studies.

Annual tuition fee in the USA varies from 25,000 US$ to 40,000 US$. Monthly living cost in the USA for international students ranges from 800- 100 US$.

If you think the fee structure is too high for Pakistani students, then the USA is also offering some scholarships that fall under different categories. 

Let’s have a look over them as well.

What are Some MBBS Scholarships in the USA for Pakistani Students?

Following are some of the famous, and most acquired MBBS scholarships in the USA for Pakistani students. 

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Nhs Corps Scholarship
  • Ama Minority Scholarship
  • Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Ascp Siemens Scholarships
  • ASME Scholarships
  • Brunel Medical School International scholarships
  • Edith Seville Coale Scholarships
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • The Recovery Village Scholarships
  • Cumming School of Medicine U C

MBBS in the USA with a scholarship has been pretty easy for Pakistani students. All you have to do is check the official websites of the universities that you are applying for.

Check their admission criteria, the scholarships that they accept, their admission time, eligibility criteria, and things like these.

If you check these pointers, you will be able to tick mark and ensure your maximum probability.

Now, we know that you have gained all the knowledge relevant to the MBBS degree in the USA as a Pakistani student. So, let’s have some insights related to the necessary documents you will need for applying.

What are the Mandatory Documents Requirements for Doing MBBS in USA For Pakistani Students?

MBBS in the USA for Pakistani students requires the following documents that you must consider.

  • Possess an intermediate certificate with a minimum of 90% marks.
  • Attain a score of 500 or higher on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).
  • Prepare for and complete the CASPer test, which assesses various personality traits such as professionalism, morality, communication skills, and empathy. It focuses on non-cognitive skills rather than cognitive abilities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language by obtaining an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate with a score of at least 7 bands, or a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score ranging between 100-10.

PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) has approved many USA universities, we will list them in the next section.

What are Some Medical Universities in the USA Approved by PMC?

Following are some examples of medical universities that are approved by the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission).

  • East Carolina University
  • Marshall University
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Albany Medical College
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Boston University
  • California Northstate University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Central Michigan University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
  • Columbia University
  • Rowan University
  • Creighton University
  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine
  • Drexel University
  • Duke University
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Emory University
  • University of the Health Sciences
  • FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
  • Florida State University College of Medicine
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
  • George Washington University
  • Georgetown University

With the availability of a lot of medical universities, the chance of studying MBBS in the USA has become impressive.

Now, you must be wondering about the further career opportunities that you will get when you step into a Medical university of MBBS.

Let’s see what the USA promises for the future!

What are the Career Opportunities After Studying MBBS in the USA?

Upon obtaining an MBBS degree in the U.S., graduates have diverse career opportunities. From private and government medical centers to hospitals. The average annual salary for family physicians and general surgeons in the U.S. is around $200,000.

Various specializations are in high demand. Each of them is focused on specific aspects of healthcare:

Family and General Physicians:

Address common health issues such as flu, fractures, infections, etc.


Provide non-surgical treatments for illnesses affecting the liver, kidneys, and stomach.


Diagnose and treat mental illnesses using various therapeutic techniques and meditation.


Perform surgical interventions to treat injuries, birth abnormalities, and illnesses.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

Manage and treat female reproductive system issues, including pregnancy and childbirth.


Specialize in treating and managing disorders related to the nervous system and the brain.


Utilize medical imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasound to detect and diagnose internal injuries and diseases.


Administer pain relief drugs to patients during surgeries.


Diagnose, treat, and manage health issues for newborns, toddlers, and children.


Detect and treat cardiovascular conditions related to the heart and blood vessels.

These specializations reflect the breadth of medical fields. They allow professionals to contribute to various aspects of healthcare and cater to the diverse needs of patients.

Wrapping Up:

So, let’s buckle up and start your ride of studying MBBS in USA. We have provided you with every possible insight related to getting admission to the MBBS.

We have covered updated fee structure, PMC-approved universities, scholarships offered by the USA, and eligibility criteria to study MBBS in the USA for Pakistani students. 

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