MBBS in UK for Pakistani Students Requirements Fee Structured 2024

MBBS in UK For Pakistani Students

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Studying medicine, dentistry, or Pharm D across the borders does not only open the doors of opportunities for you as a Pakistani student, but also assists you to explore international horizons in the best ways. Let us explore how MBBS in UK for Pakistani students has become easier with Paragon valuable knowledge.

We will let you know about some significant insights related to the MBBS fee structure for Pakistani students, the duration of MBBS, requirements and much more in this blog.

So, keep buckled up, and let’s just get the most of it.

What is the MBBS in UK for Pakistani Students Fee Structure?

The fee structure for Pakistani students, or any other nationality holder depends upon the university in which you are getting admission.

You must know that the government universities that provide the medical education facilities often come up with free or minimal financial burden.

However, the private universities have a free structure that differs from one university to another. 

Let us cover some of the significant aspects related to the MBBS in the UK for Pakistani students: fee structure, education you will need, and the language you will be taught in.

So, without any delay, let’s get straight into the brief pointers.

Teaching Language:


Average application Fee:

100-200 USD for an application fee

Minimum education required:

A-levels with 70% marks Intermediate with minimum 60-70% marks in science subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

Average fee structure:

30,000-50,000USD per year

Do MBBS Fees in the UK for International Students Differ from Pakistani Students?

If you are from Pakistan and you are making up your mind to study medicine (MBBS, BDS, PHARM-D) in the UK, you need to know if the MBBS fees differ for UK national students and Pakistani students or not.

You must know the total fee structure, cost of accommodation, and other expenses of doing MBBS in the UK for Pakistani students.

The cost for a Pakistani student will likely be higher than for UK students. This is because international students generally pay more for tuition.

The exact amount you will pay can vary depending on the university and the specific course you choose. Whether it is for a bachelor’s (undergraduate) or master’s (postgraduate) degree.

You should know that MBBS fees in the UK are only part of the total cost. You also need to think about other expenses like housing, living costs, and healthcare.

Prices can change, so it’s a good idea to check with the university you’re interested in for the most current information.

What is the Total Course Duration of MBBS in the UK From Pakistan?

If you are coming from Pakistan to study medicine (MBBS) in the UK, the program usually takes around 5 to 6 years. 

Let’s break down the significant parts of the course, and see what you will be studying.

  • During the first part, you’ll learn the basics of medicine.
  • Then you’ll move on to the hands-on, practical part.
  • Next, you will move forward to gain clinical experience.

Some programs might also include an extra year at the beginning to prepare you for the main course.

What are Some Famous MBBS Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students?

There are various scholarships available for Pakistani students pursuing MBBS or other medical-related courses in the UK. 

Here are some available scholarship options:

Commonwealth Scholarships:

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers scholarships for students from Commonwealth countries, including Pakistan. It allows pursuing postgraduate studies, including medical courses, in the UK.

Chevening Scholarships:

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious award for high-achieving individuals with leadership potential. It covers various fields, including healthcare and medicine.

British Council Scholarships:

The British Council sometimes collaborates with universities to offer scholarships for international students. It’s worth checking their website for any available opportunities.

What are the Admission Requirements to get an MBBS in the UK?

You must know that the admission criteria for all UK universities are different. It depends upon the course of the program you are choosing and the duration it will take.

We have generated some pointers through the official website of UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is a charity and private limited company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, which provides educational support services)

  • Two recent photographs
  • Passport copy
  • Result cards or mark sheets of the Last degree
  • UCAS Application fee of 30-40$
  • Certification of English proficiency Test IELTS/TOEFL
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two reference letters are needed.
  • Resume/CV (if required)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (some universities may require)
  • The majority of the medical universities in the UK require the Entry test UKCAT (UK clinical aptitude test) for MBBS
  • Some UK universities, not all, conduct interviews to know about the applicant’s goal.

What are the Top MBBS Universities in the UK that Pakistani Students must go to?

We will list down some of the best universities in which you can get MBBS admission as a Pakistani student.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • King’s College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Glasgow

These universities are generally famous for their academic excellence and research contributions. However, it is important to research each university’s specific program, faculty, facilities, and any other factors that are important to you.

This will help you out in getting your hands on the best MBBS university in the UK by making an informed decision.

Let’s Summaries:

Pakistani students who finish their MBBS studies in the UK have many job options afterward. 

Let us tell you that there is a special visa called the Post-Study Work Visa (PSW). It allows international students to stay in the UK for work for 2-3 years. So, MBBS in the UK for Pakistani students you can avail this opportunity.

If you want to practice medicine in Pakistan after studying in the UK, you’ll need to meet the licensing requirements set by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMDC). 

So, getting an MBBS degree from a UK university opens up opportunities for medical careers both in the UK and back in Pakistan.

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